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The best thing one can gain is followers, apart from you potentially thinking you can convert them to buyers, it can literally build your self-confidence and confidence in doing business. But what will give you sales is the relationship you build especially on Instagram. Now you have the followers and you aren’t chatting them up, they will be there but not useful. When last did you ask your followers what they will want to see on your page? Or If they like your products or a feedback on how your page looks, or why they aren’t buying from you. Try it out. Ask them and don’t be angry with the response you will get as it may not be what you want to hear ... hmmmm .... #naijabrandchick
So don’t be discouraged... those who know your value will come.... All you need to do is ensure they know the value of not only your products and services but why they need to buy it from you instead of your competitor. #naijabrandchick
I may not have all the answers... but I may have some answers... let’s chat 4pm... LET ANOTHER PERSON KNOW HERE... #naijabrandchick
Do you know a child born in America and Canada becomes a citizen of the country. Give your child the privilege of having dual citizenship. With @birthlikeaqueen you don't need to break a bank to give birth abroad. We put you through from medical visa, affordable hospital, accommodation and baby's documents. We are a Dm away or call/whatsapp us on 08027114292. Tell us your budget and we work something out for you.
From @socialhustleng ..... Are you looking for ways to make money online? I can show you how. . Have you tried importing from China? . Selling online is easy if you have the right people to teach you. I am the right people . I will not only teach you how to buy from China, I will also show you where to buy from for cheap! Also, you’d learn how to sell on konga, jumia, jiji and others. That’s not all o… You will also learn how to run fácebook and instagrám ads. . Over 200 people have taken this course this year with all of them heaping praises on me after going through the materials and seeing how easy it is, many are already making money selling online. . Someone messaged me the other day to pray for me. She’d just gotten her goods from China and was amazed at how easy it was. She sold all her items within 2 weeks. . Selling online is easy and can be done from anywhere. Location isn’t exactly a barrier except you make it so. All you need to get started is a little capital, will to work and tenacity. . . The rest of 2018 is still enough for you to change your story. . The 2018Income course comes in a series of 6 well-detailed videos and is available on demand. . Course costs is #5 ,000 only. . ▶Reach me on WHATSAPP 09064891484 or DM @2018income to get yours. . WHATSAPP only please.
Saturdays are for hair partys 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 @jmkshair mama.. happy belated birthday Abeg no kill me say I forget. Please #nbctribe help go to her page and wish her a happy birthday by buying hair 😜😜 #Naijabrandchick
Are people saving your posts? When people save your post, it is an indication that they love what you are curating ... Start checking your insights to know what your followers want. It is one to have followers, it is another thing to engage them. Here you can see, 538 people saved my post that means 25% of those who read it saved it for future use. So now I know what you like. Want more engagement? No you don’t have to teach or dance, just do what appeals to your audience, not sure what appeals to your audience, I will say start from this; YOUR AUDIENCE ARE YOU SOME YEARS BACK. WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE LIKED? START THERE ... When you get them out of their shell then you see them respond to you. Meanwhile have you voted for me today? Please you should vote every one hour! LINK IN BIO ... I Will post some ads and teach about quick replies soon, don’t get tired of learning oh! And make sure you implement... #naijabrandchick
PLEASE IF THIS WAS USEFUL TO YOU, REPOST THIS ON YOUR PAGE, or TAG YOUR FRIENDS TO SEE IT HERE.... IF YOU PEOPLE DONT, I will stop giving free tips ... Yes oh! Maybe you should pay for it 🙄🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️ ____________________________________ Let me take you down some insta- statistics so you will understand why things happens they’d on Instagram. ___________________________________ 1. 70% of post made on Instagram, doesn’t get seen. (That means you may post but we are not seeing it 😂) 2. 7 out of 10 Instagram hashtags are branded like #Naijabrandchick 3. 48.8% of Nigerian Startup businesses use Instagram 😊🙌🏾 4. 80% of users follow Atleast one business page 🙌🏾 5. 25% of ads on Instagram are videos 6. Post with location get 79% more engagement. 7. Post with faces get 38% more Likes 8. Instagram users engage more on Mon - Fri than on Sat- Sun so if you have something important post it on a weekday. 9. 80% of influencers prefer brand collaboration on Instagram than any other app. 10. 65% of top performing Instagram post feature a product. 11. Instagram photos generate 36% more engagement than videos. 12. User generated content has a 4.5% higher conversion rate. 13. The most used Instagram filter is Clarendon 14. 50% of Instagram caption & comments contains an emoji 😝🤔 15. 59% of 18-34 yrs use Instagram 16. 40% of consumers follow hashtags (like #naijabrandchick so use it ) 17. 58% of Instagram stories are geared towards building brand trust. 18. 71% of buyers judge a brand from their profile. 19. Direct Message (DM) has led to more relationships than transactions. 20. 80% of the people believe and trust brands that go live! ______________________________ Now you know, how will you use this knowledge to your advantage and help gain customers. #naijabrandchick
DO YOU HAVE A STORY? HOW DID YOU RESOLVE IT? Today o #nbctribe WhatsApp group, we were discussing on what customers has done to us... Me I didn’t have any personal story to share sha but the stories were eye popping 😱... There is one I loved! The story goes “so she got a client who bought an item 3k, and delivery 1k, when the dispatcher go to her house, they called severally and she did not pick up and after waiting and no feedback, the dispatcher left, then she calls and says the dispatcher should return, the dispatcher was like you must pay again oh! She refused called the vendor and said you better deliver my items oh! Else I will sue you. Vendor did not want wahala, she paid for the dispatcher to come back. The guy came back and again the called called and she did not pick! When the woman piled like hours later, she said she was cooking that she doesn’t care she wants her item that they did not tell what time the dispatcher will arrive 🙆🏾‍♀️... this vendor was like hmmm God help me oh! Now she paid Uber 3k to deliver that is 5k Delivery for a 3k item 😳😳😳... she thought she has seen the worst! The customer calls her that the item delivered isn’t like what was on Instagram 🙆🏾‍♀️... they tried to tell her it was the same except she want to pay for another version which will come in 2 weeks, or take a refund, the woman said no she doesn’t want a refund she will wait 😭😭😭.... Anyways end of story, money was refunded after she wanted to cause another wahala. Have you had issues with customers? Tell us your experience... No we aren’t sleeping 😌 #Naijabrandchick
I am not always about the money even though it is important to me. I am not kidding I have over 100 people who have paid me for ads in the last 3 weeks and they keep coming but I have a problem, so many people do not have good pages, they do not have good content, or sometimes their ads does not go with my core values as a business owner and most especially a WIFE. Because of it I have removed the ad link... Please get your page AD WORTHY! Naijabrandchick is not a magician 🎩... My job is to post and make it as catchy as possible but your job is to convert them to to buyers ! SWIPE LEFT TO SEE MORE REVIEWS from those who I accepted to post their ads and the made sales. One more class loading! #naijabrandchick
Yessss!!!!! She’s that girl @pearlsvirginhairs serving us beautiful hairs .... Kai! I love the hairs especially the other one SWIPE LEFT! Oya go and buy from her and you never know she may invite you to a Friday night dance party... na joke oh 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #naijabrandchick
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