Photographer Muse|| Artist Photography Profile : @CreatiVisionarieZ |ΣΓΡ| 🌈 | 🛫♐️♍️♐️| Vegan LA 📍| ULV 18’ BS Psych 👩🏾‍🎓 Future Holistic Therapist

This journey to heal has been beyond rewarding. Ive become the person who ive always wanted to be. I wake up with joy in my heart that i am where im at, i am who i am and i have the support i have. Taking the first step to admit and accept some not so pretty things about myself but also making that committment to grow and to forgive myself while allowing myself to be vulnerable was the hardest thing ive ever had to do this year and i can say ive come further in that aspect than ive ever expected. Ive always been pretty ashamed to say i survived some things and to accept that as messed up as some things were, it happened and its okay, but ive also learned to accept it and find peace with it. Im not as far as i want but everyday i make strides towards growth. This journey has led me to meet some pretty amazing people including doing this video project from an amazing film director @c0smax which this pic is from. Meeting people that i met making these videos were genuine and thats in direct relation to myself. Ready to go more 💫 . . 📷: @c0smax
Even with half of the portrait you can see the full picture. You dont need the other side to see the determination in my eyes. The determination to HEAL, to SUCCEED, to CREATE, to EVOLVE, to HELP, to GROW, to LOVE. I thank my spirit guides for 2018. It wasn't the worse year of my life because I have much to be grateful for. The lessons, the heartbreak, the pain, the trauma, etc. all molded me into acceptance. I still have a ways to go but if this is a year worths journey, I can only imagine the heights I will soar and the people I will touch. Great things are coming and great things are already here. Heres to growth and beautiful beginnings 💫 . . 📷: @fullyrealeyezed 💕
✨Readjusting ✨Realigning ✨Reaffirming ✨Realizing How i feel after not only surviving 1 Mercury Retrograde this year but 2!! Congrats yall, we made it through another retrograde today!! Mercury wasn't even the worst of them for me, lets talk about VENUS!! She came in relentless and just threw my whole perspective of everything including myself out the window. I feel renewed, refreshed right in time for Sag Szn and a new year. Im looking forward to a year filled with growth, healing, love and abundance. ✨How was your Retrograde? What are you looking forward too in 2019?✨ . . 📷: @fullyrealeyezed 💕
Doesitlooklikeigotleftoffbadandboujee ?
Weird but embracing it ✨✨
I want to take the time to thank everyone who came out and supported me. I was very nervous and anxious the whole time but hearing yall in the audience made me forget why i was experiencing those emotions in the first place. I want to thank all the designers who let me showcase their pieces because i know im not the average size for modeling and they still gave me the opportunity. This isnt the end, its only up from here . . Photographer: @germanyflowers Makeup: @baabybreeee Designer: @melodyreyne [Twenty19]
The look you give when you don't know how to do anything but WIN!! . . Photographer: @germanyflowers Makeup: @baabybreeee Designer: @lovedidit_
Walking into my successful future like . . Thank you @passionfruitsla for putting together this amazing opportunity. Hitting that runway was one of the best feelings ever. Definitely need a second one. Love yall ✨✨✨ . Photographer: @germanyflowers Makeup: @baabybreeee Designer: @melodyreyne [Twenty19]
Me looking at all the people who have ever doubted me 😁 . . Photographer: @wouldulikesomet Makeup: @mysticaljae Stylist: @mysticaljae
Someone: you cant do that, the industry will never accept you Me: Bet, watch me 😊 . . Photographer: @wouldulikesomet 💖 Makeup: @mysticaljae Stylist: @mysticaljae
1) #BlackLivesMatter ... in case you forgot 2) Have a beautiful Day...🍋and don’t forget to chase your dreams 3) I had an amazing time meeting/shooting these beautiful queens and being around such a inspirational group. #nikoDIDTHAT 4) Don’t Forget....Black Lives Still Matter ❤️💚🖤 . . Brand: Topsy Turvy T’s @germanyflowers Event: Women’s Empowerment Influencer Panel @ovrdsthebrand ❣️ Photographer: @diosadelgirasol {my roomie 😭😉 y’all check her out 👀}
To love.... In all forms 🐝 . . 📷: @queendee_ (thasss my roommate 😛😛)
Me for @skiintones new earrings line 🌼 . . For all my Sagittarius, represent in your purple. For everyone going through hell cause of these retrogrades, hang in there, were almost done . . Makeup: @comaspice Photographer: @lexusfay Earrings: @skiintones
Releasing all the negatives, accepting the positives ✨
The I’m back in LA glow ✨
Affirmations: I’m coming for every goal I have set. I’m coming for the top. I’m going to accomplish things beyond my wildest imagination. Sign and Move✨ Work and Save✨ Mobile and Grow✨ Heal✨ Stability✨ Success in all aspects ✨ . . Photographer: @wouldulikesomet
This here is my SOULMATE, my SISTER, TWIN FLAME all of dat plus more. I was blessed to grow up in the system with my sister. I am blessed to call her my sister. If there’s one person in this world who understands me, it’s her, we’ve been through it all together. I’ve seen her at her lowest and she’s seen me at my lowest, despite all we’re right beside each other grinding to make our dreams a reality. She’s the reason I even started on my road to a higher self and she’s my biggest reflection. I love having an older sister WHOS ALSO A SAG, who has been to every single one of my graduations, even if she doesn’t have a solid way to get there. She answers every single one of my messages with patience and I love that because I’m an anxious individual. She pushes me to break down my boundaries and achieve what I know i can. I LOVE YOU SEESTER, it’s always going to be me and you 💗💗✨✨ . . Oh yeah and if you haven’t already, check out her handmade crotchet designs @shopsolkissed. THEYRE HAVING A CLEARANCE SALE!!! . . 📸: @fullyrealeyezed
Queer Cuties ❣️ - Even though I didn’t get to see @kehlani cause @lapride cared more about exploiting an already oppressed community for money than the actual community, I still had a GREAT time. And it was somebody’s 21st bearthday..... @creyenne My first pride was worth it !! 🌈🌈🌈 [vlog coming soon] 👀
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