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So here’s that pebble beach I was on in my previous photo! Can you see now what I mean when I said it changes shape depending on the tides? 😱😻🌗🏝 . This famous beach in Bol is normally PACKED in the summer, but if you zoom in you’ll only see the smart people of my Group Trip running around like we own the place! . Big shout out to one of our Tribers who took this drone shot...and is a real pilot in real life (is that cheating?!) @jetsetdanny and his co-pilot @whereiskatienow_ ...who also got engaged a day before the trip! 😻😻😻 . This landscape kind of reminds me of French Polynesia, does it remind you of anywhere? . #croatia #croatiaislands #bol #brac #drone #dronestagram #dronephotography #canyouseeme #pebblebeachbrac not#yachtweek #djispark #mylifesatraveltribe #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #islandlife
#MondayMotivation :: When things don’t go exactly according to YOUR plan, you have two options: 1. Complain, mope, sulk, and kill the vibe around you, or 2. See the excitement and beauty of the situation, make the most of it, and create an even more epic memory. 💦☀️ . Never forget that after a storm, always comes the sun, and hopefully a rainbow! . That being said, without fail, on the first day of my Croatia Group Trip, the weather didn’t cooperate (I was grateful for rain over earthquakes though). But it made me so happy to see everyone playing in the water at this pebble beach on Bol, and extra hilarious how excited we got when the sun would peak through the clouds for a second. 🌥😱🤪 . This is actually a very unique pebble beach because it moves drastically creating a stunning peninsula which I’ll show you a drone shot of tomorrow! . But for today, can you tell me a less than ideal weather/travel situation you can remember that you made the absolute best out of? Featuring the best ones on my Stories later in addition to my personal top 5! . #weatherproblems #bolbeach #pebblebeach #croatia #croatislands not#yachtweek #mylifesatravelTRIBE #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #islandlife #sonya7iii #sonyalphasclub
Sunday Funday’s are for mermaiding around the islands of Croatia! 🧜🏼‍♀️🛥🌎 . The water was chilly but clear...clear of thousands of tourists as well! Yet another reason why I’d recommend going to Croatia during off-season! Might even do another #MyLifesATravelTRIBE Group Trip there next year, who wants to go?! . Gotta give a huge shout out to my babe who you may have seen on Stories (not letting IG world stalk him yet by tagging him, sorry 😜), not only was our first trip a Group Trip, but he was so sweet about my wild requests to hold the bubble dome in freezing water so I could get shots like this, not to mention every other time I relished finally not having to use a tripod after almost 6 years of solo photo taking! . BUT! I have no intention to ever have an “IG bf/husband”, I’m proud of the photos I take on my own, and love the people I do for who they are, not what photos they can take of me (😂), and am actually excited to bust my tripod out in the next 3 countries I’ll be going to all in the next week! . That being said, if you have any tips for Belgrade, Tivat, and Tirana, let me know!! . #mermaiding #croatia #overunderwater #dubrovnik #split #hvarcroatia #hvar #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #mermaid #yesimightbereferencingsomeone
The best views are always from the top! Even better when it only takes a 3 minute gondola to get there! 😜 . I’d definitely recommend doing the gondola in Dubrovnik for these views, especially at sunset! There’s a cute restaurant up there or you can climb some rocks and get to this spot! . Of course, you’ll have to probably go in off season like we did to get a pic with just you on the rocks, but I’d say it’s 100% worth it considering how many ppl commented on my last pic saying how crowded it was when they went! . What’s been your favorite epic viewpoint ever? Mines a tie for the Antarctica peninsula, Horseshoe Bend, or volcanic craters on Flores Island! . #dubrovnik #croatia #dubrovnikgondola #sunset #croatianislands #mylifesatraveltribe #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #sonyar7iii #sonyalphasclub #beachfrills
You just can’t go to Dubrovnik and not imagine what it was like hundreds of years ago when knights walked the ancient walls...and debauchery and scandals were likely happening inside them. 🤷‍♀️😂 . For example, although the Steps of Shame from GOT are located here and not a real place...right next to it is an actual “shame pole” that was used for the same reasons.. 🙊 . Of course we couldn’t visit this ancient city and not drink their wine, so after hours of wandering, we all ended up on the steps of an alley bar/restaurant which is a completely normal place to much so that they provide cushions to sit on! . Anyone else been to Dubrovnik or itching to go?? . #dubrovnik #goldenhour #croatia #mylifesatravelTRIBE #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #croatiaislands #sonya7iii #sonyalphasclub
I’m back in Croatia! This time with a full crew! And so excited to see more of the islands since last year it was a solo road trip for 2 weeks! . I must admit, I’m not much of a “yacht week” that all out years ago, and am really enjoying being with a solid group of people as off season is approaching and there’s literally no one here but still beautiful weather! . Where’s your fave place to visit during off season?? . #hvar #croatia #croatiaislands #croatiaislandhopping #mylifesatraveltribe #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #atlas #capitan
The famous “Blue and White” city of Tunisia! It’s a gorgeous mix of Santorini’s colors and Chefchaouen’s doors! 😻💙🌎 . Finding places like this is what fuels my wanderlust and desire to keep searching for new places I never knew about, which should answer any question about “where will you go once you’ve gone to every country” 😜 . Where has been a secret gem you’ve discovered? Also, how many of you would be willing to bet into a chilly pool on a chilly morning at 7am for a pic? 😂 . #wanderlust #wanderlustfuel #tunisia #tunis #carthage #sidibousaid #santorini #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #solotravel #travelogger #selfietography
Just want to give a big shout out to #MyLifesaTravelTRIBE Morocco Edition!! We did SO MUCH in ten days, from Chefchaouen all the way to the Sahara Desert! 💙 🐪 🇲🇦 . It’s drastically different traveling somewhere solo vs with a group of like-minded adventurers, and I love seeing the excitement and friendships that stem from it! 💖 . Another big shout out to @trovatrip (please last pic for our business team) who organized all the details of my itinerary making the trip a lot smoother, and less stressful (for me lol) 🙌💖 . Next up is another Group Trip to Croatia! Starting literally tomorrow! Don’t forget to sign up for pre-announcements for next year’s trips on my blog! . #mylifesatravelTRIBE #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #morocco #chefchaouen #tribe #traveltribe #sonya7iii #sonyalphasclub
My mood when I get to a new country that I’ve heard negative stereotypes or news about and it’s freaking AWESOME!!!! 🇹🇳🌎💖 . Tunisia, my 87th country, was like fairytale (even though I mostly went to binge-work for a week), and in my opinion much more like the South of France than what you’d expect of Northern Africa! The stereotype that North Africa in general is “unsafe” is always annoying to hear, so I consider that leg in the air a middle finger to all negative stereotypes, and my strength to still do a handstand at 30 without ever working out as motivation to keep proving stereotypes wrong! 💪 . Btw if you zoom in on the buildings, you’ll notice they’re all blue and white just like Santorini! Other cool facts: my outfit is made from 90% recycled plastic bottles and turns into a bathing suit! . Funny/awesome fact: I overheard a 12 year old US expat kid announce to her friends over sushi that a girl just texted her that North Africa was unsafe and her adorably angry response was “What a b*tch!!!” 🙊 Mini-me? Is that you? . Disclaimer: there definitely are “unsafe areas” in North Africa, but they exist in every country including the US! Stay smart and listen to people who have actually been there, not just the news! I do have a solid travel safety app I’ll recommend on my Stories though! . #tunisia #tunis #carthage #lamarsa #handstand #ecofriendly #mylifesatravelmovie #solotravel #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #selfietography
Marrakech!! Gimme everything in your markets for the home that I don’t have 😂🤤 . Fun facts about this picture...I refused to leave the markets until I found this photo spot for my group. The owners of this shop also admitted they purposely set up the display “for the Chinese tourists” who take the most photos here. Oh and also, those mounds of spices are fake. Talk about getting in tuned with tourism!!! . Still a magical experience either way, and fun to window shop for one day when I’ll do a trip just to buy stuff for my very eclectic home! . In other news, my Sahara Desert Tour blog post is up on my blog ( along with some other goodies if you care to check it out! 💖 . #marrakech #marrakechmedina #spicegirls #spicemarket #poser #myguidetookmypic #mylifesatravelmovie #mylifesatraveltribe #alyssaramostravels #beachfrills #sonya7iii #sonyalphasclub
Any Game of Thrones fans recognize this location? I’ve still never seen it, so to me it’s the UNESCO site called Aït Benhaddou which is a kasbah village en route to the Sahara Desert! . It’s hard NOT to feel like you’re in a movie when you’re there though...which is probably why it was also the set for Gladiator, The Mummy, Prince of Persia, and Babel! . Have you traveled anywhere that was used as a movie set? your life a movie?!!? 😜🎥🌎 . #aitbenhaddou #kasbah #unesco #saharadesert #atlasmountains #morocco #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #travelblogger #natgeotravel #sonya7iii #sonyalphasclub
Did you know that I’ve been traveling full-time, living out of a suitcase, with no apartment or home base for 2.5 years? You’d think it’s hard, but I’m used to it, the only thing I miss is collecting things abroad to put in my home! . That’s why the only things I collect abroad besides photos are things I can wear, especially copper/bronze/gold jewelry! My wearable treasures are always a conversation starter, so I’d love to share where my most recent ones are from! . After my sudden panic attack in Bali, @jesuszabalajewelry custom made and sent me a few pieces since their items are all handmade on the island. I absolutely love bracelets and rings, so they sent me a matching snake set, plus a marble white ring that matches my always-white nails. They also sent me this crystal necklace which I wear all the time for healing/protection/because I think it looks cool, and these exotic gold earrings that remind me of Aztec designs! . Definitely check them out if you want some unique Bali designs!! . What are some things you collect abroad? Do you have any questions about how I’ve been living out of a suitcase for over 2 years? 🤪👜🙋‍♀️ . PS right now if you DM me funny/cute memes, I’m featuring the best ones on my Stories!!! . #fulltimetraveler #nomad #digitalnomad #traveljewelry #travelblogger #mylifesatravelmovie #alyssaramostravels #morocco #casablanca #casablncamosque #solotravel #sonya7iii #sonyalphasclub
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