MVP Bullies™️

🔸Health, Quality and Temperament 🔸Top Pedigree XL•XXL American Bullies 🔸Puppies Start at 4k 🔸 +1-954-218-4356

Caption This??? 😂😂😂😂 #Alexa #Bark @isabel.lahela #BronxBaby @koabully
Happy Hump Day 🐪 Something to make you smile 😊 #MGK #MachineGunKelly @machinegunkelly
MVPs Virginia Black🖤 Smooth as whiskey 🥃😏 #VirginiaBlack #1yearold
Well well here’s the Parents to 7 𝔀ʰ𝓞𝔸 💢★ Puppies!!! 🐆Creme Brûlée and Bossy’s🎃Bugatti 5🚺 2🚹 Sneak Peak 👉🏼scroll over! 🤯 Call or Text 954-218-4356 for availability and pricing! #CremeXBugatti
What’s your plans tonight??? Club Bed and DJ Pillow 😂 #FridayNight
MOOD for Valentines Day 😏❤️😂 #NetflixAndChill
Baby Boss and his brother👬our Baby Tiger Woods.. Delicious 😋 Chocolate 🍫 Studs! 🤩 @humboldtelitebullies
Bronx and Brooklyn did not disappoint 😩😍 What would be a good name for him? 🤔🤔 @mvp_bullies_canada @liannegoldin @marcialeeder
Wobble Baby Wobble 😂😂 Roly and Poly 🧸🧸 Tigon Babies ❌Not Available❌
I get Goosebumps when I look at it 😈 Will find out if MVPs Georgia took with a Special Boy 🤩 soon! #BronxXBelle
Wait till you find out the Parents to these Babies😱😱Sneak Peak 🎨🤑😈🥵
These Babes 🙀🙀🙀 Amber Rose Or Tiffany??💜 #HotSauceXBelle #4weeks
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