They both came home, but to completely different worlds. A Netflix film, #Mudbound | Now streaming and in select theaters.

#Repost @oprahmagazine ・・・ Sing girl, SING! What’d you think of @therealmaryjblige ’s performance at the #Oscars ? (📸: @gettyimages /🎨: @tovadiamond )
#Repost @shadowflack ・・・ Just a couple of brothas going to #oscars2018 rep’n #Mudbound . #HenryMcAllan #JaimeMcAllan #HapJackson
#Repost @theacademy ・・・ Rachel Morrison's first step on the #Oscars red carpet. @rmorrison
The most honored ensemble of 2017 - Mudbound wins the Robert Altman Award at the Independent Spirit Awards.
With only 2 days away from @TheAcademy Awards, now is the perfect time to watch four time Oscar nominated Mudbound.
Dee Rees was included in this year's #BlackIsTheNewBlack list by @Refinery29. These are a group of black women reminding the world that they are not a trend, or “a moment.”
"All that time he was gone, I only prayed for him. God will forgive me." @TheRealMaryJBlige becomes the first Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song double nominee at the Academy Awards.
Oscar nominees Dee Rees and @TheRealMaryJBlige stun in the February 16th issue of @Deadline ’s Awards Line Magazine. Photos by @JoshTelles.
"The class of nominees for this year’s 90th Academy Awards feels like a breath of fresh air." Monumental achievements were made by the cast and crew of Mudbound.
"Mudbound’s Dee Rees made some history of her own as the first African American woman ever to be nominated for Adapted Screenplay." Mudbound is up for 4 history-making nominations at next Sunday's Academy Awards.
We are all Mudbound. With 4 history-making Academy Award nominations, our cast and crew bring the 1940s South back to life.
"Doors are opening for the first time and it’s time to walk through them." @rmorrison becomes the first female cinematography nominee by @theacademy.
@TheRealMaryJBlige made history this year as the first Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song double nominee. She will perform "Mighty River" at this year's Academy Awards.
"A milestone for women in film." Mudbound breaks barriers with a list of history making nominations at The Academy Awards.
"A woman of so much courage and so much quiet strength." A Mudbound audience reacts to Double-Oscar Nominee, @TheRealMaryJBlige 's performance.
"It's time we put our differences aside." Mudbound's Academy Award-nominated song, "Mighty River" hymns unity and love for all.
Congratulations to @rmorrison on becoming the first female cinematographer to hit $235M at the box office for Black Panther's opening weekend.
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