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There’s just something so satisfying about doing the work yourself. Whether it be on your guns, or your cars, your home, or even making your own furniture, it’s just nice knowing you did something with your own two hands. Still have to shave a bit off in some places and smooth things out with some sandpaper and it’ll be good to go. Gonna leave the color the way it is until I either work up the balls to stipple it myself, or send it out to be stippled...whichever happens first. 🤙🏽 . . . . . . . . . #glock #glock19 #holster #gunsdaily #burntbronze #tacticalmuffintop #fde #gen4 #blackgunsmatter #concealedcarry #holsters #concealedcarryunited #odgreen #safetyorange @concealedcarryunited #ccw #edc #everydaycarry @sidearmsociety #pewpewlife #pewpew #trijicon #agencyarms #cz #battlewerx #titaniumscrews #instatactical #thatlasthashtagwasajoke
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All facts right here. Take a minute to read this post from @killermike. Let me know what your thoughts are on MLK and the methods he used. ______________ #Repost @killermike with @get_repost ・・・ I put this up Becuz an accessory (allies ain’t enuff no more when it’s war) posted it @robert_fish. It shows the real MLK a revolutionary. A man that was a GUN OWNER but used peaceful protest as a organized weapon. A man who we now know the US Govt conspired to kill and succeeded (King Vs Jowers). The same Govt we “trust” to protect our best interests. He was not a punk. He was no ones sucker. He was a die hard revolutionary and proved it once he got his goal of “civil rights” filled. He didn’t say good enuff we got ours nah, he pushed the line for the poor (all races) and against war and its money makers. That’s what social justice and all power the people really mean. He was killed by this Govt becuz of. We didn’t deserve him and I pray one day we understand that and live up to the potential he saw in us. He met with George Wallace when other black men hated him for it the reward was a reformed racist who gave more blacks seats his cabinet that any Alabama Gov. since. He reformed by educating those that opposed. He defeated hate with love and he is the reason I am who i am and refuse to be what any one else wants me to be. I am a revolutionary. Love and Respect to this one, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Atlanta Georgia’s own. My person hero and martyr for the people’s cause.
Self-Explanatory 🗽
💯- Education is power in the hands of the people. The more educated we are as a whole the less power the government has to control us. Keep that in mind. ______________ #Repost @colionnoir with @get_repost ・・・ We in the gun community are nazis about firearm safety. It’s so engrained into our psyche I don’t even put my finger on the trigger of toy gun. If you mess around and take a picture with your finger on the trigger of a real gun the gun community will destroy you! We take safety seriously. _____ Every person I’ve ever taught the 4 rules of gun safety picked it up in minutes! Imagine if we focused on building an entire nation around the idea of gun safety instead of, “guns are bad, m’kay’. ? _____ Instead of trying to make the over 300,000,000 guns in this country taboo and evil how about teaching gun safety on a national scale and I swear those 900 deaths will drop into the low double digits over night. _____ #ThePewPewLife = #ThePPL
100% agree ___________________ #Repost @sickguns with @get_repost ・・・ This is on point right here 👍 please represent us 2A folks in a good light 📸 @greyfoxindustries ・・・ It’s easy to fall into that ditch so let’s not. #YouTube #BeTheExample #NoCompromise #2A #ProGun
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