This nigga @sencity730 a fool
Not a bad move
Sauce boyz.. new dipset single out now.. EP.. BLACK FRIDAY @jimjonescapo @thejuelzsantana @730freekey 📽 @shulathedon
@beigebanks got da sauce @dipsetcouture DipsetCouture.US
Ladies love me in the bathroom with them.😁 shop @dipsetusa1997
Don’t forget about @dipsetusa1997
Fbf.. Spun dat nigga around. “Pause” and he fouled me 3times. Respect da Tim Duncan’s as well
Don’t know who needs to hear this.. but.. here u go
Thx for the halloween love everyone Here’s my favorite 3.. the 3rd pic I thought I was looking in da mirror 🐶🤷🏽‍♂️ #ImaDog 😜
Happy Halloween 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ain’t even enough boxes. Y’all don’t know the demons I live with.. or how I even sleep at night.. but then again, who said I sleep?!
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