Corey Willoby Sr.

Keep watching the transformation will be televised #fckbeingfat

In the Trap getting it in since 6 this morning. The Gym is Good Dope. @gunna @lilmarlo_1
I’ve been on this Earth today 37 years my pride and joy are my seeds and on my Birthday the gangs all here.
No matter how hard they try and believe you me they try. See when those don’t understand your ability to motivate your ability to win no matter the obstacle. They create non factual bullshit aka lies to try and find that kink in the armor. We all have flaws but your attempt to brake what can’t be broken will only strengthen my brand. So to my Badged haters keep trying you will awaken the Lion in the cage. Salute to my 2 biggest conspirators I’m hunting you NOW. You’ve awaken the BEAST I WONT LOSE AND MY PEOPLE WONT ALLOW IT.
Paw Paw you hungry. When the big kid makes enough to feed me. This is a Dream She’s 21 and out my pockets.
#transformationtuesday So I was at the gym yesterday and a lady approaches me and she stops are stares then goes to her phone she says “hey it’s you” she continued with I don’t want to call you by your name on social media I said ok she began with “Thank You” I replied ur welcome but for what. You saved my husbands life she stated he was overweight and had tried it all and had come to believe that it can’t be done. He works like me, he’s a father like me, and there just isn’t time in the day to take care of himself. Well those who follow me know I’ve posted me at work doing something whether push ups dips pull ups anything I can do to stay active i do well to cut it short in the last 14 months he has lost 73 lbs and while at work on his lunch break he walks the stairs and push ups. She never said her or his name but it inspired me even more. I have a story I have a testimony I am Mr. Fckbeingfat.
Back in the trap house where fat cries and muscles smile. Cardio kix for the run today @nike @nikerunning #nikeepicreactflyknit #nikeepicreact #fckbeingfat is the lifestyle
Me and X talking about what all ex football players talk about FOOTBALL. Roof Top at Ponce is amazing this before the drinks and me forgetting where I parked my car.
The look on ur face when ur slick fucked up at Ponce City Market and can’t remember where ur car is HELLLLLLLP SHITTTTT. But I’m Polo fresh tho #saturdaynight #poncecitymarket #chillin #drunk gotta be at work in 3 hours 😂😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭🤭☹️☹️☹️😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😢😢😢😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️
Can’t sleep soooooooo The sunroof back doing 100 clearing my mind listening to a lil @wizkhalifa and @swaelee #hopelessromantic
@higherimagept Today was REAL 20 Laps 400 Push-ups 200 Dips 200 Knee ups #fckbeingfat #cardio #nike #outsideworkout #nogymnoproblem
#FBF 1998 to 2018 From Memorial to Hallford it’s still OUR HOUSE #SWD
Soooooooo I’m a graduate of Southwest Dekalb High School with honors I’m also a graduate of the esteem Morehouse College and this 4th Grade math is kicking my ass. #southwestdekalb #morehouse #dadsthatrock #cooldads #dadsthatdohomework #4thgrademath #eurekamath #imlost #ineedhelp #whatthe #🤦🏿‍♂️ Im topped out at #southwestairlines I’m buying a tutor lol
Been a relaxing day, now time for my night cap. The only Bottles I’m popping @every_ting_ginger #Cel [ery]Therapy and that new new new new #Berrymealive check out @every_ting_ginger for the most satisfying TING.
#kotd #nike #airmax95 #vapormax95 Me and the Willo boys at the movies #mile22
Focused Determined Driven Passionate Just a few qualities that are possessed by yours truly. Thankful Grateful Blessed #SWALIFE #RAMPSUP #LEADER #ATL @southwestair
#airmax95 #nike #airmax95og #vapormax #kotd #heatonmyfeet #sneakerhead Their not the OG’s but uhhhhhhh I’m a sneaker connoisseur @bearismyname I just had to My boy.
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