Mount Rainier National Park

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The clear weather really brings the features of Mount Rainier into sharp focus. Viewed from Paradise, you can see layers of lava that built the summit, with the upper portion of the Kautz Glacier carving down across them. . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: A glacier flows down a rocky, mountain peak.] -kl
The days may be clear and mild but the early morning frost is a reminder that winter is on its way! . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: A plant with frost crystals rimming its leaves.] -kl
Douglas squirrels are usually solitary and territorial, but young squirrels may stay with their mother for up to a year. This curious young Douglas squirrel wasn’t sure about passing hikers, stomping its feet at a potential enemy. But was soon distracted by playing with its siblings. . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps #squirrellife [Video Description: A small grey and red squirrels stamps its feet on a mossy log, before chasing several other squirrels around a tree trunk.] -kl
Are you enjoying this amazing fall weather? Due to the nice weather, the Sunrise Road closure has been pushed back to October 29 (unless conditions change). However many park facilities are closing for the season so check before planning your visit. . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: A glaciated mountain looms above a cluster of buildings at the end of a road in a golden meadow.] 📷: NPS -kl
We’re glad we didn’t have to be the ones to say it. Thanks, John Muir. . Alas, winter is upon us, which means this is the last post that “-im” will be sharing. Thanks everyone for all the likes, comments, and fun. I will miss sharing the beauty of this mountain and gushing over marmots. Until next time, -im signing off. . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: A John Muir quote about alpine meadows is engraved on stone steps, fall colors line the meadow behind them and Mount Rainier stands tall in the background.] 📷: NPS/I. Metzen -im
Amanita muscaria is one of the most recognizable mushrooms. With caps that range from bright red to pale yellow, this mushroom is straight out of a fairytale. Although its looks are appealing, this fungus is dangerously poisonous and contains toxic chemicals. . Remember, mushrooms can be extremely poisonous and potentially deadly. Always use care when identifying mushrooms, never eat any species of fungus that you cannot positively identify. . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Two mushrooms with yellow caps and white spots are covered in a layer of snow.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
Follow a snow-fed river along the Eastside Trail, listening to the roar of waterfalls and the quiet of an old-growth forest. Watch the full video at: . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Video Description: A green-blue river roars over a waterfall underneath a wooden bridge] -kl
We listen to what the people want. And what the people want is #MarmotMonday . It’s time for the marmots to trade in foraging for resting. Marmots spent their summer months mating, prepping for winter, and eating (enough to accumulate layers of fat up to ½ their body weight). With their impending hibernation, a marmot’s body temperature drops a few degrees. Hibernation is a gradual shift for marmots, in which they spend more time snuggled up in their burrows and less time out and about. Throughout the winter, marmots will remain in a state of torpor, a suppressed state in which they wake every so often. It’s likely we won’t see them out of their burrows until next spring, so happy resting to all the marmots around the park! . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: A large rodent-like animal stands among green vegetation with its paw raised and leaves hanging from its mouth.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
2019 Summer Job Opportunities: Interpretive Ranger and Park Guide Positions Join us for a summer job at Mount Rainier National Park as a seasonal park ranger! Help staff visitor centers at various locations and give ranger-guided programs around the park. Government housing may be available. Mount Rainier offers a variety of recreational activities, from hiking to mountain climbing. Explore the Pacific Northwest, including world-class cities like Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. Jobs open November 5. To apply, visit—create your account, build your resume, and upload documents. Each job has a limit on the number of applications accepted and a limited amount of time to apply. So, have your application ready and apply early! .
#findyourpark  #mountrainiernps  #mrnp #mountrainier  #pnw  #nps  [Description: A flyer shows interpretive rangers presenting educational programs and working in the visitor center.] -kl/im
Temperature: cool Wildlife: chubby Winter: coming . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: A plump squirrel rests on a rock.] 📷: NPS/Chris Roundtree -im
So, we heard that #ParkStarWars is a thing? There’s some great night skies happening at our fellow parks, but nothing quite beats the solar system shining bright above a 14,410 ft. volcano🌟🌋 . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: Mount Rainier is illuminated by an expansive starry night sky.] 📷: NPS/Emily Brouwer -im
Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System and Wild & Scenic Rivers! A portion of the Pacific Crest Trail weaves in and out of Mount Rainier National Park along the park's eastern boundary, from Chinook Pass in the north down to Laughingwater Creek in the south. Naches Peak Loop Trail is a great way to experience a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. How will you #FindYourWay ? . . #findyourpark #mountrainiernps #mrnp #mountrainier #pnw #nps [Description: A trail winds through green meadows with mountainous terrain surrounding it.] 📷: NPS/Ivie Metzen -im
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