Mix Master David

I̾n̾t̾e̾r̾n̾a̾t̾i̾o̾n̾a̾l̾l̾y̾ R̾a̾t̾e̾d̾ & L̾o̾c̾a̾l̾l̾y̾ L̾o̾v̾e̾d̾ • Deejay • Producer • Entertainer • Brand Influencer

We’re back for another Vibed out R&B Wednesday at @slloungeatl HOSTED by @keefthabeef & @bryanmichaelcox with MUSIC by @mixmasterdavid & @armageddonsound all night. Hit up your favorite SL WAITRESS @_llw___ @hg.gorgeous @theferow @fav__foreign @dajabeauty @ohso_traj @londyn.richie.tv @shayla_larae @glamgirlcatina NOW!!!! LADIES FREE ALL NIGHT!!!! SPECIALS: Free Hookah💨 & $5 DUSSE til midnight so get there early. • • • • • #rnbwednesday #dusse #hookahlounge #hookah #mrrugs #atl #atlnightlife #wednesday #fantasia (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
Thanks a million bro and ifam is still possible. Our style is still untapped. We have changed the way the city partied and broke a whole genre to this city. Salute on your growth and everything you have accomplished. Family for life. Repost By @fullyfocus : Funny story, this was once supposed to be a sound system / dj group “iFam” is what we called it meaning “International Family” coz we could entertain any audience & play any genre well. We influenced each other, put our cultures on the mainstream & truth be told set the blueprint of the current playlist & vibe of nightlife in ATL back when clubs were fighting our style. We were gonna F up that city w/ iFam & take the movement global, but we both got busy w/ our own ish & life moved us different directions but respect always remains mutual. Happy Birthday @mixmasterdavid keep going, it’s passport gang for life #ImFocusedMan (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
Thank you Faven!!! There are history to be made. Repost By @favenressom : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! My dear friend and one of the major component of my nightlife career! Thank you and looking forward to celebrating your birthday one last time tomorrow night. (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
I want to send a big thank you to @iam.kandis @tongueandgrooveatl @rosebaratl @only1carter @abewossen @josephinelounge @lavaloungeatl @mableabraham @jayanthonyatl @foygfactor Thanks for the gifts and the cakes!! Thank you! I grateful, thankful and happy.
😂😂😂😂😂 Repost By @jayanthonyatl : Happy Birthday Bro! @mixmasterdavid (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
Repost By iam.@kandis : SCREAMING HAPPY birthday to #myselecta ! @mixmasterdavid You deserve all the happiness and success in the world and as you begin this new cycle around the sun, I pray the creator continues to guide, protect & order every step along the way to prepare you for what is to come-which is nothing short of amazing! We love you world without end 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 #turnup #myselectaturnontheheat #happybirthday #ihopeyoulikeunicorns #imayormaynothavegottenyouaunicorn #iloveyou #butforrealtho #igotyouaunicorn 🦄 (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
Salute bro Repost By @dougs4ever : Happy Birthday bredda @mixmasterdavid ! (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
Repost By @islandpeeps : Happy Birthday Mix Master David!!! One of the top DJ's in ATL & Producer born in Jamaica!!! Today we celebrate you!!! @MixMasterDavid ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #MixMasterDavid #islandpeeps #islandpeepsbirthdays #MMD #ATL #Selector #DJ #Jamaica (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
Salute my brother. Always showing not support but love. Repost By @whoisdjblak Screaming Happy Birthday 2 One of the Best 2 ever Do it!!!! @mixmasterdavid HE IS A TRUE MASTER OF THE CRAFT AND ILL PUT HIM AGINST ANYBODY!!!! It’s your day bro so live it up we partying on Monday when I get back💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 #whoisdjblak #fixyoface #smallvictories #100acres #thedjblakexperience (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
😆😆😆 Round 1 @rosebaratl Repost By i_am__wiz: Happy Earthstrong to my bro @mixmasterdavid from all of us at #Detour2Buckhead @rosebaratl #Blessup (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
Repost By juanfarmer: Shhhhhh it’s a SURPRISE ..... It’s my Fav DJ Birthday This Weekend and We Gotta Turn it Up a Lil Lot. Tomorrow night all roads lead to #TheJoint #TongueandGroove @mixmasterdavid we can’t let you get away without the CAKKKEEEE in my @souljaboy voice... (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
I said no Birthday parties this year but everyone’s like: thats not your call Mr MMD. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂 meet me inside @rosebaratl from 10pm to 12:30am its the Saturday night pregame.
Shouts out to my Bahamian crew for this one. Location: CJ’S Hideaway 1510 Rogers Lake Rd, Lithonia Date: February 22nd Time: 9pm - 3am Info: www.atlantajunkanoo.com
Highlights from @jeezy #brunch this past Sunday.. Shouts out to my bro for this video. Repost By @b_jeanpierre : Super Bowl Recap // • 🏈 - Work Hard • Play Hard (via #appskottage .com #Grab @AppKottage )
Thanks again @gobigruf for finding this. Keep in mind this is the first @dinerenblancatl in 2014. I raised that energy in that place. Shouts out to my brother Rufin for even believing in me to rock that event. @diddy
@gobigruf #tbt @diddy over 1500 people.
Salute the living legend @richforever He came out of his way to say whats up at @jeezy and @defjam It was a building fill with all your favorite rappers, singers, mixtape legends and radio personalities. Put it this way, the entire industry was there.
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