Judy Greer

Director of “A HAPPENING ON MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS” opens Sept 21st in select theaters.

TOMORROW!!!! Check theaters in your area!! I made this movie with these wonderful people and so many more!!!!! Please re-post and pass it on!! Support indie film! Support female filmmakers! Support keeping production in LA! #indiefilm
Here’s me directing! I look so serious, but I promise it was the most fun!! Check out the movie in theaters THIS WEEKEND!!!!! A HAPPENING OF MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS! #ahappeningofmonumentalproportions #ahomp
This is my friend @missyclaireegan and I wanted to share her post because so many of my friends have gone through this, and what Missy says is beautiful. If you’ve miscarried, I am deeply sorry for your loss, and you are not alone. ❤️It’s ok to talk about stuff. It helps. Thank you for sharing. ・・・ This picture was taken on January 18, 2018. My husband took this picture an hour after my D&C surgery, after I had suffered a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I’m very candid about my miscarriage with my friends and family and speak openly about it to anyone that asks if we want kids. It’s never been a secret. And I was so lucky to have my incredible husband and best friends and family in the world there for me, every step of the way. It’s so hard, and takes such a toll on you emotionally and physically, hormonally, all of it. But I hadn’t shared it publicly. Not for any particular reason, I just hadn’t. Then recently a friend that I don’t see often told me that sadly she had suffered one as well. She seemed almost relieved when I told her I had the same experience. She told me she had felt alone and like a failure, and less-than, because she hadn’t heard other people speak about it. This made me SO SAD, and made me want to share my story. With anyone and everyone. Just so no one feels alone. I promise you you’re not alone. Also, @carrieunderwood ’s recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning was so beautiful and had me in tears. I was in the thick of my last and final days on Y&R at the time, so I feel her pain over having to “cry pretty.” (only a very small group of people knew at the show, and they could not have been more wonderful and took great care of me). I also got such strength from @hilarieburton and @claireholt ’s posts last year. They were so open and honest and supportive and I really admire that and am grateful. So now I’m happy to do the same. Please don’t feel alone. Or like a failure. You’re everything, and I’m here with you. Much love💛
Check me out on @colbertlateshow talking about my directorial debut!! Link in bio. You’ll never believe my cast!! I have no more favors left to ask. #ahappeningofmonumentalproportions #AHOMP Opens THIS FRIDAY Sept 21!!
Sundays at 10pm on Showtime. I’m so proud to be a part of this show. #kiddingshowtime @shokidding
Peanut is a happy and sweet 6 year old Pit Bull mix weighing about 65 pounds. With a zest for life and love of all people, this gem was found running through traffic on the highway by a good samaritan. With a new lease on life and determination to find an amazing, safe and committed forever home, this handsome guy promises to spoil his new family with love and adoration. Peanut is sure to make you smile! He is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and will be neutered by Wags & Walks. @wagsandwalks #peanut #adoptdontshop #rescueismyfavoritebreed #bringinghappinesshome
@shokidding tonight. 4 minutes if you’re on east coast. If you’re not, can you do that math yourself? I always mess it up. I’m proud and hope to make this art forever. #kiddingshowtime (PS can you see me in this pic?) #wheresjudy
Twinning and TIFFing (and laughing uncontrollably) with one of my favs @helencve #tiff2018 📷 @tommydeweysays
Sometimes you gotta just call it, rip it out, and start over. It’s the journey, right? #knittersblues #knittersofinstagram #knittinglife #lifelessons
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