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🔥 How do you turn FEAR into FUEL to sail through life’s challenges? 🔥 According to Steven Kotler, elite top performers intentionally set their level of challenge slightly above their skillset. ⠀ That keeps them in their optimal state and turns them into rapid learning machines. We explore this idea in our free masterclass with Steven Kotler (@kotler.steven ), 3X New York Times bestselling author on the science of peak performance 💃🏋️‍♀️✍️ ⠀ He will share the science behind extraordinary performance and will give you strategies you can apply to make your biology work for you. Link in bio ☝️ ⠀ When was the last time you acted in spite of fear? Share your story with us in a comment 😊
Human Connection (IRL) or Social Media? Do we have to choose? After we created Mindvalley’s Quest learning platform and enrolled 200,000 students online to learn together, we noticed something very curious. These students in the Facebook groups would get so deeply connected with each other that they longed for coming together in the real world. One of the students from Pakistan flew all the way to India to meet someone he got to know in this Facebook group. People started planning trips together. Two students even got married and asked @Vishen to lead the ceremony. We noticed that there’s something truly magical in people coming together in the real world that social media cannot give to us. Social media might even make us feel more disconnected sometimes, do you feel that too? It replaces meaningful conversations and hugs with likes and comments. According to studies, loneliness has grown by 300% since the arrival of the digital age. These studies also show that our brain registers loneliness the same way as physical pain and it’s worse for our health than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. This is why we don’t want Mindvalley to be only an online company. We want to help people battle loneliness and create connections by bringing people together in the real world. That’s the thought that gave birth to our events like Mindvalley Reunion, where our students who connected online can come together in the real world. We also want to see the students who take the courses we create in real life. And we want to bring them together with our Mindvalley authors and celebrity speakers as well. So we’re continuously refining these models to figure out how we can design deeper and deeper connections between people. After all, we all could use some more love, connection, and friends in our lives. Maybe we’ll see you at Reunion? Have you attended one of our events before? 🤗
Have you been waiting to hang out with legendary speakers & authors like @jayshetty or @lewishowse and listen to them share their wisdom live on stage? 🎤 Here’s the incredible line-up that we’re bringing to Mindvalley Reunion to deliver transformative ideas ☝️ along with hundreds of people from our vibrant, global community. 🕺🏼💃🏼 Join us at Mindvalley Reunion coming up this March in LA (Link to the event in bio) and tag a friend you want to bring along 👭
Just when he was considering ending his life, he stumbled upon the science of optimal states of consciousness 🏄 Steven Kotler had risen from tackling a near fatal Lyme disease 👉 to becoming a Pulitzer prize nominated New York Times bestselling author on peak performance. Now, he’s sharing his latest research on the habit of ferocity in his free masterclass with Mindvalley. Link in bio ☝🏼
Say “YES” below if you agree 👇 ⠀ Forgiveness isn't about letting your enemies walk free, it's about finally letting yourself walk free. ⠀ Full video link in bio.☝️ ⠀ #forgiveness #radicalforgiveness #letgo
We’re excited to invite our celebrity guest speakers on stage this upcoming Mindvalley Reunion including @jimkwik @lewishowes and @jayshetty. We’re meeting in Los Angeles this March 9-10 for a transformational weekend with your favorite Mindvalley authors and like-minded tribe members from the Mindvalley community. We hope you’ll join us there. Grab your tickets 👉 mindvalley.com/reunion or link in bio.
Leave a "❤️" below, if you agree with this wisdom from 13th century. 👇 Love is not a commodity. You can't win it. You can't buy it. You can only accept it if it is offered freely. But you can't do that if you lock your heart away to keep it safe. To receive love, you have to be open to it. ⠀ #spreadloveweek #mindvalley #rumiquote #quotestoliveby
There’s something really magical in seeing the world through another person’s eyes 👁✨ But first, we need to make a little effort to get to know them better. Love week is coming to an end and we are overwhelmed with the joy and gratitude of giving and receiving 🎁 This week was all about spreading love and kindness in the workplace and preparing gifts, surprises, and small acts of kindness for someone at work. All of us became “secret angels” to a “human” randomly selected for us from the company. But since we’re almost 300 people at Mindvalley, we don’t always get a “human” we know really well. So we found a way to go around it. Everyone who joins Mindvalley completes The 3 Most Important Questions exercise. In this exercise you have to write a list of… ⠀ 💃 What experiences you want to have in your life 🌱 How you would like to grow 🌎 How you would like to contribute to society Then we hang the answers on a board so that everyone can see them. And it’s not just a way to figure out what makes our “human” happy… Studies show that when people feel valued and connected, they can handle stress, and change much easier. And thus, productivity goes through the roof. So if you’d like help your team feel more connected, give them ways to get to know each other as a person — not just a colleague who shows up to work. You can find The 3 Most Important Questions exercise on our YouTube channel (link in bio). What do you do to create real connections around you at work? Share your tips with us below. ⠀ 📸Video by @unadultables
Comment 💜 if you feel you’re made of love too. ⠀ How many different kinds of LOVE are you made of?❤️ 💙💚💛🧡💜🖤❤️ ⠀ A beautiful story from @xtalkay , Mindvalley Team member inspired by our brand new #madeof #mindvalleygear collection. Here’s what Crystal discovered about love... “A few years ago, I’ve come to believe that I am made of love. And oohhh, did this change a few things for me!⁣ ⁣ ❤️⁣ ⁣ For one, I learned to tap into what seems like a sustainable and infinite source of love within myself. This doesn’t mean I never run out of love to give, but in the event that I do, I can look within and I find a way to recharge and expand. ⁣ ⁣ 💜⁣ ⁣ Then, there are days when I am able to approach pain, insecurities, betrayal, conflict, discomfort, sadness, violation, all with love. And here, practice makes perfect. ⁣ ⁣ 💛⁣ ⁣ Unconditional love, has always been an ongoing lesson for me, but I’ve also refined and discovered different facets of love. Like fierce love, uncompromising love, playful love and erotic love, to name a few!” ⠀ Grab your Made Of Love tee from the collection 👉 Link in bio.
Mindvalley’s MADE OF collection is finally available online 👉 Link in bio. What are YOU made of? ⠀ ❤️ Love? 💃 Rhythm? ⚡️ Strength? 🔥 Risk? 👊 Boldness? ✨ Wonder? Comment below. 👇🏼
Do you have a best friend at work? 👭 Many people tend to separate work from friendship. But studies like the famous Ed Diener Harvard study on happiness have proven that social connections are the #1 predictor of our future happiness. And it’s no different in the workplace. Gallup asked millions of employees the simple question: Do you have a best friend at work? What they found is that people who answered ✅ YES to that question were 7X more engaged in their job than the ones who said 🚫 NO. That’s a HUGE difference. Which is why weekly socials and team retreats are so important for us where we can connect with our coworkers in friendship. As Richard Branson wrote “this is something that should—no, MUST—be written into every business plan: This company will have lots and lots of parties and social get-togethers.” So the big question is, how can we help teams become more connected? That’s the thought that started Love Week 7 years ago at Mindvalley. A week when we become “secret angels” to carefully selected “humans” in the office and shower them with random acts of kindness, appreciative messages, and surprise gifts 🎁🎈💌 Without revealing ourselves. We would love as many companies as possible to join us in this experiment. Share your initiatives with #spreadloveweek and #mindvalley to show how YOU bring love and appreciation to your workplace. We will give away 4 Mindvalley scholarships worth $500 next week to the most impactful initiatives. Hope you’ll join our mission to transform work culture across the globe. ⠀ 📸 taken at A-Fest pool party in Bali. Comment & Tag your friends at work to acknowledge them ❤
What would happen if we injected genuine Love, Appreciation, and Kindness into the workplace 😍👩‍💻💘 for an entire week? ⠀ 🎬 Video by @unadultables. ⠀ Today, Love Week started kicking off at Mindvalley. Everyone became a secret angel to a carefully selected “human” and their job is to shower them with as much love as they can at work for 5 days. Without revealing themselves, of course. So by now, our entire office is filled with random acts of kindness, appreciative messages, and surprise gifts from anonymous angels 😇 Why are we doing this (besides having tremendous fun)? Shawn Achor, bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage did a simple experiment at a large insurance company. This experiment ended up growing their number of applications, increasing the employees’ overall happiness level at work, and even boosted their sales. Here’s what he did. He asked every single employee to set a timer for 2 minutes as soon as they get to the office ⏰ and write a message of appreciation to a coworker every day 💌 It started with messages, such as “Thank you so much for having my back yesterday in that meeting” or “You are the reason I love to come to work every day” But after 3 days, something incredible happened. People got “addicted” to praising and acknowledging their peers and after 21 days, their social connections transformed at work. We know from the famous Harvard study that social connections are the #1 contributor to our happiness — and it’s no different in the workplace. So why not bring some love and happiness to work, the place we spent 70% of our waking hours? Join the challenge and share your initiatives this week with #spreadloveweek and #mindvalley and tag @mindvalley in your posts to show how YOU bring love and appreciation to your workplace. We will give away 4 Mindvalley scholarships worth $500 next week to the most impactful initiatives. Stay tuned for more updates coming up this week. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
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