We're Mind, the mental health charity. We're here to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

Valentine's Day can be hard, whether you're in a relationship or not. For many of us, days that celebrate love and togetherness can highlight how alone or low we feel. The idealised version of love and relationships put across on social media doesn't help either. We've gathered some tips and information that might help if you're feeling this way, today or any day. For more, see mind.org.uk/valentines
Applications are now open for the London to Amsterdam cycle 2019. This five-day adventure takes you through England, France, Belgium and The Netherlands, with a celebratory meal at the end. See our events pages for more.
It's #TimetoTalk Day! However you do it, have your conversation about mental health today and share what you're doing using #TimetoTalk . It's so great to see the nation talking about mental health, and brings home why we're so proud to run @timetochangecampaign alongside @rethinkmentalillness
Thank you to everyone who came to our housing event #BeyondBricks at parliament yesterday. Suku, one of our campaigners from Manchester, told us why it's important to her that mental health is firmly on the housing agenda ☝️ To get involved head to mind.org.uk/housing #housing #MentalHealth
Having conversations about mental health can break down barriers. That's why we run @timetochangecampaign with our friends @rethinkmentalillness. #TimetoTalk Day is just three sleeps away, but there's still time to get hold of your handy tips and tools for the day. Head to the @timetochangecampaign website to download.
Our friends @feelunique want to help you take a moment to focus on self-care. Their Treat Yourself Edit contains a selection of products including a scented candle, pillow spray and more. You’ll also be supporting mental health, as £3 from every box sold will be donated to Mind.
The most important things RED has given me, is a sense of belonging and a reminder that I’m not alone, even when I’ve felt isolated or lonely. The community that’s grown around RED has really helped me feel like I matter, because the reality is, we all truly do. It’s been comforting and motivating to know there’s thousands of us getting active every day, and supporting each other. After a very distressing 2017, RED January 2018 changed my life for the better. Joining the team once again this year has made me all the more motivated to continue to talk about the importance of looking after your mental health. This has really helped me to kick start 2019 with a positive mindset – Katie, @katiecontemplates .................................................................... We’re in partnership with @redjanuaryuk , and all throughout this month REDers have been participating in RED January 2019, which ends today. Congratulations to all who took part. Your support helps us to ensure nobody faces a mental health problem alone. #REDJanuary #redjanuary2019
When Sarah was assessed for social housing by the council, staff showed a complete lack of knowledge and understanding of her mental health. Sarah is not alone. Those of us with mental health problems are more likely to face stigma from housing professionals. This is not good enough. Find out more about our housing campaign and how to get involved at mind.org.uk/socialhousing #beyondbricks #housing #socialhousing #mentalhealth
The RED January medals have landed! 🏅 We're in partnership with @RedJanuaryUK , and we can't wait to send these out to our REDers as a thank you for your amazing efforts this month. Good luck - only three days left! #redjanuary #redjanuary2019 #physicalactivity #fundraising
Feeling inspired to declutter? Why not support mental health at the same time by donating your items to Mind via the Gone for Good app. You’ll also be doing something good for the environment, by helping reduce the number of household items that go to landfill. Find out more at goneforgood.org.uk
Too many people with mental health problems are still made to feel isolated, worthless or ashamed. Time to Talk Day is an opportunity for all of us to be more open about mental health - to talk, to listen, to change lives. However you do it, make 7 February the time to talk about mental health.
"My dog is one of the most sensitive beings I know. As soon as my mind starts to race and I can feel that ball of anxiety rising, he is right there and ready to face it with me. He can spend hours just spread out next to me while I hug him, and stroking his fur is incredibly helpful. Most of all, he gave my daily life routine and purpose. "Working from home led me to put unwanted weight on, and my dog meant that I needed to get out there and walk – not just for me, but also for him. As a high energy dog, I knew I had to take him out for a few hours a day, and the difference in how I felt was amazing. I had more energy, was happier, and life didn’t seem as dark and crushing as it had before." Will blogs about how his four-legged friend has helped him fight anxiety attacks. Head to our website to read the rest or swipe up on our Insta Stories. #dogdays #anxiety #panicattacks #mentalhealth #pets #pettherapy #therapydogs #dogsofinstagram #therapyanimals
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