Jelani Jenkins

💫The Universe is my school💫 🌴Nature is my teacher🌴 🌍Earth is my playground🌍

Confidence is with God, Cockiness is without God
Saying “I’ll try” is apologizing for failure in advance
We create the obstacles and training necessary for us to reach our dreams
Tapped in 📡
Victory lap
Soaking up every bit of this 11/11/11 magic
Our sprits go wayyyyyy back 💫 HBD queen
Let’s eat ! #beatuga #gogators
I’m just a really big fan of Karma y’all. I get incredibly excited when I see this universal law in action and it’s affect on the cosmos. Everybody receiving the same energy they put out. There’s not one person I know in this world that deserves this moment more then @pysngr and his family. Experiencing this “All American” journey from concept/idea to manifestation has helped reinforce in my spirit the power of intention. The power of visualization and emotionalization* to realize our dreams. The power of cocreating with the Almighty the life we see for ourselves... its time we take control. Now. Do yourselves a huge favor and tune in tonight on CW and see my dawg @pysngr debut his story to the world. 🙏🏾 ‘tis a blessing!
Yes lawd! #gameday
Learning to merge with this universal life force 🙌🏾 Huge thanks to @holomua_healing_arts for progressing my Jedi training.
I love me a Tennessee beat down
It’s so amazing to watch someone fully step into their Divinity. To courageously answer the call knowing the challenging roads ahead. I watched this woman fight through layers of resistance all week: uncertainty, anxiety, fear, tears, etc. The usual thoughts and emotions we all deal with when stepping outside our comfort zone. The same resistance that causes a lot of us to go the opposite direction. She fought it - she prepared, she meditated, and continued to find this same smile of confidence you see in this picture. . She is currently alone on her way to Bali for a month to become a certified yoga instructor, anddd I couldn’t be more proud. She answered the call. To me, watching her enter the airport last night with her camping bag, yoga mat, and the black tights showing the phatty was a symbolic representation of how we all should approach resistance. Feel it, get to know it, see it for what it is, and walk right through it. Growth is waiting on the other side.
This moment confirmed a whole lot for me. . I have a hugeeeee beginner’s mentality when it comes to directing, photography, film, production, etc. Soaking up as much knowledge as I can. Reading nonstop. Binge watching lessons online. Leaving the house every day with a camera in hand without much of a plan of where I’m going to end up that day, what I’ll end up capturing, or who I’ll end up meeting. If my heart tells me “turn right,” I turn right. If it tells me “wait here,” I stop and let the moment play out. Really living in the moment - mastering the art of going with the flow. My promise to myself and to the Universe is that I’ll show up everyday. However that looks - I’ll be where I am supposed to be. . Fast forward to this moment. This was taken at Hiero Day, one of the largest hip hop festivals in the Bay Area. An event I honestly knew nothing about three days before I went. I won’t bore you with the details because the story has a bunch of moving parts, but I somehow ended up with an artist pass and having full backstage access. Walked around with a camera around my neck flashing my pass around like I knew what I was doing lol. Perception is half the battle. Took this picture of Black Thought, the lead MC of one of my all time favorite hip hop groups, The Roots. Met a bunch of people. Got connected. Got a chance to really see up close what makes Oakland so special. The culture, the music, the arts, the people. All because I kept showing up. . . This moment confirmed I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. When the Universe throws us an oop, we gotta be there to catch it. Then it’s up to us to slam that shit, stick our tongue out 😛, and hang on the rim so we have something nice to post on IG later on that night. Can’t hang on it too long though because another one’s on the way 🏀
Watched these two love birds cruising the streets of Oakland a couple days ago lol as fun as this looks and as tempted as I am to recreate this moment with Abby 🐶when I get back home, my intuition tells me we should all be sending this puppy prayers 🙏🏾
One Heart
God is undefeated
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