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From survivor to survivor know that you are not alone and that a movement for radical healing is happening and possible. Text metoo to 90975.

One year ago today millions raised their hands to say #metoo . Those people are still here and together we are the MOVEMENT. #metooMVMT
Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in September was one of the most courageous acts we have ever witnessed. Despite the harassment, maligning, and ridicule she has had to endure, she remains a hero for so many survivors, allies, and supporters around the world. This letter is our love offering to her so that she has a constant reminder that there is enormous support for her and other survivors like her. We heard her. We saw her. And we believed her. See the full letter to Dr. Blasey Ford and add your signature via the link in our bio. Written by Tarana Burke, Amanda de Cadenet, Glennon Doyle, Tracee Ellis Ross, & America Ferrera. #DrFordLoveLetter
Text metoo to 90975 #metoo
Let us unite to end the silencing of sexual abuse victims.
The voices of our girls matter, too. Safer spaces are necessary for young suvivors of sexual violence.
Listen up!
My voice matters.
94 percent of women experience PTSD after sexual assault.
The more you know.
The sooner women realize they're not alone, the sooner they can begin their healing journey.
We must shift the narrative around sexual violence to make the change we need.