Messy Bun Lips Done!

✌🏼Travel is life 💕Making houses and faces pretty💕 🏠 Follow my build @_forest_hause_ 🌱 Follow my hand crafted CBD co.

Jason says no pink buttttttttttt
Project under way! #UnboundMint
A little mini smoky eye by layering smoked topaz (Lighter colors are candlelight, snow, sandstone pearl shimmer). Keeping it simple with the lips with just the red glitter gloss
Hey girl hey. I see what you did there 🎄
Simple today.
Swipe right to see the progress during construction! Only 2–3 weeks left! #Unbound #designbuildokc #designbuild
It’s blue y’all!!
About to copy this fab thing for Brecken’s birthday! We’re almost in the double digits now!!
Uhhhhhhh gummies bears mixed with powered sugar is almost edible slime. Somewhere between that and taffy 😱😂
About to do mamma Carr’s makeup 💋
You have to clean your brushes!! If you use our waterproof makeup products, it’s best if you use our brush cleaner. It won’t dry them out like alcohol does (hint:they’ll last longer!)
Feeling pink today friends! Eyes-diluted rustic brown with moisturizer, pink hibiscus, blue ocean liner Lips-2 layers praline rose, 1 layer luv it, orchid gloss Tinted moisturizer in medium, candlelight shadowsense as concealer
I love a new pair of shoes! 💗
I am a vital voice! Samon lipsense + blue orchid gloss makes for the coolest pink!
There’s anti aging in my tinted moisturizer! I have 2 fav products, climate control and this 💙 I wear it EVERYDAY! One of each in stock Free pearlizer tester to anyone that orders. $45* Link in bio
The softer side of my design aesthetic 😇
Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic ✌🏼
How magical is this life?! You are the creator of your own happiness, own that, and it will be ✌🏼💙✌🏼
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