Melissa Gorman

details, drawing, & design

My whole feed is Aretha 💔 Rest well, queen 👑
My heart and stomach are full from a magical weekend in Chicago. Spending QT with people so dear to me who live far away was the best birthday present ever. 😘
🏠 🤗
Chagall in Chicago 😍🤤
It me, at 43. 🦁🎉
sometimes simple is best
IDK who Duke Barnstable is but I agree w his opinions
a small but earnest harvest #balconygardening
Cleaning the studio today and f#ck I can't believe I still have this bible of resources from a past life when I worked art dept in the film industry. I still had a pager, called people back from payphones, and spent lots of days in box trucks. #notahoarder #pastlives
I literally pet this newly mown, perfect grass on the way home from work for like, 2 full minutes. #urbanforestbathing
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