Megan Joye

📸 Photographer -👩🏻‍💻 Social Media Coordinator —📍New to Atl, GA - 👸🏼Cosplayer - 💛Hufflepuff - 📱 Other Instas: @inmotionwithmegan @meganelizabethclark

I always get too excited to try the seasonal #valetinesday candy. 🍬 What’s your favorite seasonal treat?
Someone is trying to steal the last bite of my doughnut! 🍩 What’s your favorite kind of doughnut??
Some nuts are hard to crack. 🥜 comment a fun fact about yourself!
Caption Contest!! Comment your caption idea and I’ll pick my favorite tomorrow! 😁
There’s always left over sauce packets from eating out. 🍽 What’s your favorite fast food place??
Getting ready today took a bit longer than normal. 😂What’s your favorite season?? (Mine is Summer!)
I’m trying to eat a bit healthier. I’ve got help so it shouldn’t be too hard! 🥕 What’s your favorite vegetable??
Finding some shade. ☀️
Got a little help taking down the holiday decorations. 🎄 How long do you leave your’s up?
Taking a break on a #KitKat 🍫
Catching up on my manga reading. 📚 What’s your favorite manga series?
Diving into the new year (it looks a lot like mashed potatoes) lol🥔 What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
When the freezer makes the ice cream a bit too hard. 🍦 What’s your favorite way to eat ice cream?
Now that’s what I call a {sweet} concert! 🎶 What was the last concert you went to??
Whenever I’m making stuff no matter how careful I am I always make a mess with the glitter. Lol ✨😂 What are your hobbies?
I’m getting a {little} help taking down the Christmas decorations. 🎄 What’s your favorite holiday??
I found the perfect ornament! 🎄What did you ask Santa for? 🎅🏻
Looks like someone is enjoying my hot cocoa as much I am. ☕️ What’s your favorite drink for the holidays: Hot Cocoa or Eggnog?
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