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I haven’t been on here for a moment- it’s good to take a break! Have you left instagram for a while and noticed how they send you emails/messages about how they think you are having trouble logging on to your account- I think it’s pretty creepy. Maybe sometimes we don’t want to make content- that’s good- enjoy a couple of weeks away from the feed. Here’s a detail from my Blacksunflower paper series! Hope y’all are having a peaceful summer. ✌️🖤🌞🖤🌻
Doing a studio overhaul. Found some tiny paintings made during Grad school. 6”x 6” and 5”x5” - oil on wood. 👩🏻‍🎨🌸🖤 DM w ur offer if interested! #chicagoart #tinypaintings #summer
During grad school I grew sunflowers one summer and took them to @freshpresspaper and made black sunflower paper with them. I’ve finally gotten around to doing something with this paper- a series of drawings dedicated to spring, weeds, hay fever, and seasonal shifts. #chicagoartist #springfever #blacksun #sunflowerpaper
Little preview of a short film I’m working on about public spaces, bathing, and plants. Hoping to get this done before summer ends and I start up the job search. 😬#hothouse #chicagoart #plants #homeresidency
Hey Chicago friends! Final Resting Place is having an opening tomorrow with new works by @jason_patterson. We just finished the install and are super excited to host these pieces. Come by tomorrow between 1 and 5- we are located at 3350 S Bell Ave in McKinley Park, near the orange line, damen and western buses. We’ll have cold beer + snacks. 🖤😉🖤
💧Music makes me cry 💧
Studio shot by @timhobogan - just finishing up some commissions and looking forward to getting back to some new/old projects. 🤙#chicagoartist #studiohome
So honored to have worked included in this incredible book - Doll Hospital - an art and literature print journal on mental health. I cannot wait to read ! ✨⚡️📕✨ They have a digital version and printed version available. Check out their website @dollhospitaljournal @dollhospital
Finishing up a zine for the Philly Art Book Fair that @tipper_gore will be featuring at her table (Thks Chi!). This was loosely based on an interpretation of a line from a @jennyhval song - ‘accidental Sci Fi. ‘ I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make at first but then a couple of images came to me and they seemed to have a sense of old and new themes about communication, distribution of information, fluidity, afterlife. #phillyartbookfair #accidentalscifi #fragmented
I’ve always felt overwhelmed when using color and never happy with my choices. Red to variations of pink have been an obsession in the past two years. This color - Cochineal - do you know it? It’s made of crushed insects and was once so valuable Americans searched shipwrecks hoping to find barrels of dead bugs. Although I wonder if they wouldn’t be marinating in salt water. #cochineal #colorsareillusive #red #thesecretlivesofcolour #kassiastclair
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