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☀️ S U N S T U D I O ☀️Memphis, 1950. Named for founder Sam Phillips' perpetual optimism that a new day means a new beginning. This humble stack of bricks invited creative vision and spontaneity and outpoured memorable musical talents like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, The Dixie Cups, and Roy Orbison. The Sun Sound continues to give us life. #sunrecords #beoptimistic #rocknroll #rhythmandblues #independentlabel #runnindownadream #crosscountry
Homecoming. Did y'all know #gidgetfureva was rescued from Tennessee and named Winona? The week she's been a true travel champ as we make our way across this wild country. 🇺🇸 #ibelieveinnashville #crosscountry #runnindownadream
The Walnut Theater opened in 1925 showing the silent film "Where the North Begins" starring Rin Tin Tin. Nicknamed "The Peanut" by locals, this tiny single screen theater is where I saw my first movie. 📽 #cinematreasures
Whomst wore it better? #tilework
"Yes is a world & in this world of yes live (skillfully curled) all worlds" - E.E. Cummings
❤️ Gal's Best Pal ❤️ #gidgetfureva
Work it 'til the wheels fall off! So very proud of all of the @daap_design Graphic Communication Design class of 2018! What an honor to teach so many talented young folks who know how to hustle and tell great stories! The Show is 🔥! 📷: @ryan_carrel + @ccxarr
Put me in coach! ⚾️🐶 In 1869, the Cincinnati Red Stockings became America's first professional baseball club. #letsgoredlegs #gidgetfureva #redsopeningday
Juxtaposing southern imagery, haunting song lyrics, and photographs of slain civil rights leaders, the Push Pin Graphic 1969 issue "The South" stands as a powerful political statement. A bullet hole (the black dot in each image) was die-cut through every spread, depicting the brutal death of those killed in pursuit of equality. This image of Emmett Louis Till (the innocent 14 year-old shot and killed for allegedly wolf whistling at a white woman), designed a half-decade ago, feels all too familiar today. ⚫️ IN MEMORY OF STEPHON CLARK, a young innocent man gone too soon (shot senselessly by police in his own backyard) and laid to rest today. #stephonclark #blacklivesmatter #marchforourlives 🤴🏾✨💔#pushpinstudios #seymourchwast
How now brown cow.
Happy Adoptiversary to my main thing, she keep me grounded 🌷✨💕Dear Gidget, 3️⃣ years ago today I took the L to 2nd Ave. to pick you up at @socialteesnyc and we became fam. The rest is history. I love you bb! #gidgetfureva #adoptdontshop
Urban prairies.
President Obama sent me an email today and decidedly has a future in art cristicism: "Kehinde Wiley and I share some things in common. Both of us had an American mother who raised us, an African father who was absent from our lives, and a search to figure out just where we fit in. I wrote a book about that journey, because I can’t paint. But I suspect a lot of Kehinde’s journey is reflected in his art. I was struck by the way his portraits challenge the way we view power and privilege; the way he endows his subjects, men and women often invisible in everyday life, with a level of dignity that not only makes them visible, but commands our attention." #idareyoutocounttheleaves
I ❤️ 🍕. Ain't nothin but a pizza party! #nationalpizzaday #shouldbeanolympicsport
Monday Pep Talk: DROP DA GUN! #endgunviolence #guncontrolnow #marchforourlives
Alice Neel, Andy Warhol, 1970. "Cezanne said, 'I love to paint people who have grown old naturally in the country.' And I say I love to paint people who have been torn to shreds by the rat race in New York.” A view of a vulnerable and exposed Warhol in the corset he was forced to wear after being shot in 1968. #aliceneel
Answering the call. @peoplesliberty #hailefellowship 📷: @cathrinekhom
Basic Bitches for Basic Rights! 💕👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿💕 #womensmarch2017 #timesup
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