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Have fun at college see you in a month in a half ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @_megggggann_
Oh my god I’m a senior. I have so many people to thank for where I am today, thanks to all my friends that make my life fun @william.clyburn @jaxson.rives @jdwall_ @evan_stepczyk_ @klaywk @mitch_a_2 @loganoe_haynes @bowchickajoao @shanemccormack1 @miles_baker5 thank you to the people who have taught me so much along the way @courtneyhuning @hagen_fiese @pugwizard @modwolf69 @wes_wes_yall @lauren_leighton and thank you @_megggggann_ for being there always ❤️. Love all of you guys... and of course happy birthday @brian_berardi_099
Ohhh freshman year
4 years ago...
Can’t believe I used to be this child, and now I’m almost 17. I’d say I had a glow down, not a glow up cause I was way cuter back then.
Happy birthday 😘❤️
Happy 4th yee haw merica
My shoe sounds so good, there's no REO speed wagon coming out of it. Chicago was good tho, Chicago is always good.
Low key can't wait for senior year.
This took so long. Many of you may know I suck at drawing so this is a pretty good night for me :)
Hmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔
Prom weekend was fun. Had a grand old time playin spike ball on the beach.
Yo what up it's ya boiiiiiiiii matty b skates here's a cute pic of me and moms and gibbers
This was like a year ago hahaha so much has changed. Also shout out evan
If you are a Wranglerette and you save spots in the parking lot that's not cool it's rude and makes it inconvenient for every one else. It's so annoying when I see a spot but some one is parked half way in the spot so I can't park there. Just be an intelligent kind person and park like every one else.
When someone asks "What are you thinking about" when I zone out, this is probably the type of thing that's crossing my mind.
Reflections of the Man From Nangs
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