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I am blessed to do what I love as a career! Carve wood! Link to video carving school.

And now it's BeeBees turn with the box. He fits a bit better than Eddie...
What is it about cats in boxes?? Eddie in his sanctuary... and all is good with the world...
Self-portrait greemman class at Roy Underhill's school, The Woodwright's School. Well... maybe not quite self-portrait 🤔 Even so, they did a great job!
Roy Underhill playing with sharp objects. He looks so serious...
So good to hang out with Roy Underhill this weekend! Great guy... and such a goof ball.😂😂😂
Greenmen! The Woodwright's School.
Finished! Amazing character on each face. Great class on carving the Greenman at The Woodwright's School.😁😁😁😁
Second day of a 3-day Greenman carving class at The Woodwright's School in Pittsboro, NC. Aren't they amazing? Many had never picked up a carving tool before yesterday morning!!
Day 1 of 3 of teaching Carving a Greenman at The Woodwright's School in Pittsboro, NC (Roy Underhill's school). This is a beginning carving class, and it's already beginning to look like a face! A challenging but really fun project!
A wealth of information for both children and adults about balance, proportion, fun geometry, and design by and @jimtolpin published by @lostartpress (the same high-quality publisher for my Carving the Acanthus leaf book). By Hound and Eye and From Truths to Tools have many great hands-on projects to help get both young and old excited about learning some challenging topics, and making it simple!! #fromtruthstotools #byhoundandeye #byhandandeyebook
A little oil. I've never used this, but it's supposedly good for food surfaces. And it adds a lovely amber to the basswood. Venturing into finishing a bit more, but still terrified...
And the dinner plate sized Pawlonia leaf carved in basswood is finished! I ended up turning it into a shallow candy bowl. Why not?? Then I can actually use it. If I had carved it in more than 1 inch thick wood, it could have been a better bowl, but this will have to do. Curling leaves are so fun to carve, and this time of year, there are so many to copy from nature! I will probably put a couple coats of butcher block oil on it.
More adventures with curling, twisting Autumnal leaves. This is a very large Pawlonia leaf. I have to work fast because the real one will continue to curl as it dries. Good thing for photography 😊 Wish me luck! I love this!!
Large mahogany ionic capital ready for pick-up! The photo in the lower right was the original that I had to duplicate. This will be wrapping around an existing column so it is split at the midpoint. This is for an historic Charleston porch column.
Its going to be a busy but fun year teaching at lots of great schools! My 2019 in-person class schedule is now available on my Online Carving School website (link in my profile). Go to "Classes" in the top menu to see the entire list.
I'm excited to announce the new schedule of winter intensive classes at American College of the Building Arts on Charleston, SC. I'll be teaching a week long class on carving for historic interiors. Register at
The Three Wise Men. I carved this with minimal details to keep this a good (but still challenging) video lesson for beginning carvers. Just in time for Christmas! I finished it with boiled linseed oil and am very happy with the way it pulled the grain details from basswood. I am terrified of putting a finish on my carvings, so when it works, I'm thrilled!! Lesson will be available to Premium Members of my online school in November, or you can purchase it as an individual lesson then.
The 3 Wise Men. And no, the center one is not holding a pear. It's supposed to be a bottle or jar. Need to work on that a bit more... This is another fun lesson finished in time to be added to my online school before Christmas! Tried not to get the design too complex to keep my beginner students happy😀
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