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What would your answer be? Что бы выбрали вы? Успех vs Счастье?
Paris... is my favorite city in the whole world, but this time I had a big depression during Paris fashion week. I couldn’t get up from the bed, I kept getting sick over and over. Honestly, I appreciate social media for all the possibilities they give us, but lately I was feeling that we started to overplay on the “perfection”, “happiness”, “I’m in the epicenter of the most important events” concepts. Remember, this would never be a life, but we can’t disagree that this is taking a huge part of our living.
🇷🇺 Ниже... I have not posted a selfie for a very very long time because I was suffering from horrible acne for over half a year. I felt so insecure going outside, talking to people I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror and not get upset. I will share my journey in the next week about my routine that made me feel confident again. ___________________________ Я не публиковала селфи больше полугода, потому что я очень стеснялась своих проблем с кожей. У меня были ужасные акне, которые напроч отняли мою уверенность в себе. Я хочу с вами поделиться моим преображением в течении след неделе. Надеюсь кому-то это поможет...
New @pronovias Evening Essentials collection is elegance in every centimeter ♡ #PronoviasEssentials #ad
Who said Pizza? Wearing @jessicachoaycollection 🖤
Paris is forever a city of my dreams ♡ wearing @lulus#lovelulus #ad
When it’s not just a dress, when it’s an art. #ArtOfBridal @pronovias#ad
Back to NY for a special @pronovias event today. #ArtOfBridal #ad
Strolling in my new @fratellirossettiofficial around Brera streets in Milan from where the shoes took their name. It is a 50 anniversary since Brera mocassino made up in the 1968 symbol of anticonformism of that epoque. #fratellirossetti #brera50
Bonjour 🖤 #pfw
Fall vibes after @tods fashion show. Photo @marinarb_photo 🧡 #mfw
Catch me if you can. @fendi
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