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➡️SWIPE➡️#CaptainMarvel Comic vs Movie comparisons! I'm in love with the pose in the first pic! (Comic: Captain Marvel Vol 8 4 variant cover)
#TheStrongestAvengers The glowing eyes squad!
➡️SWIPE➡️Some screenshots from the #CaptainMarvel trailer!
➡️SWIPE➡️New #CaptainMarvel poster! @brielarson @marvel @marvelstudios
CAPTAIN MARVEL TRAILER!! YOOO IM FUCKIN HYPE 😭😭🔥FULL TRAILER LINK IN BIO! #Repost @marvel ・・・ Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios' #CaptainMarvel , in theaters March 8, 2019.
One of the best convos in the MCU 👏🏻 and y'all, the Captain Marvel teaser is less than a day away 😭🔥
How would this have changed the MCU if it wasn't scrapped?
Did you know? Keyframe Illustration by @imcharliewen , go check out his artwork!
The Russos have stated that the Avengers lost to Thanos because Tony and Steve weren't together. Thoughts?
Which is your favorite Iron Man suit? Mine's Mark 45
➡️SWIPE➡️HD Stills from the #Avengers4 concept art! Best look by far at Hulk's new suit!
Wait, what if Sam Jackson was actually Nick Fury in Pulp Fiction 😳😳
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