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"We're all part of one big family" - Stan Lee (i didnt make this)
Goodbye stan :( - Your work not only entertained us but it helped us. You were a good man and it was your time. The whole Marvel fanbase loves you. Goodbye and may your work forever live on!
Goodbye Stan Lee :( #marvel #Stanlee
John Wesley ship will finally appear in The Flash in his classic 90's costume from the original tv series. I've been waiting since the finale of season one for this and I'm excited!! #marveldc #dcmarvel #dcnews #arrowverse #arrow #flash #theflash #dc #dccomics #superman #supergirl #dc #marveldcnews #marvelnews #dceu #dcextendeduniverse #discussion #comics #Tv #justiceleague #cw #BarryAllen #JayGarrick #justicesociety #johnwesleyshipp
Lex Luthor is going to be appearing on Supergirl and joining the Arrowverse, hopefully his appearance could lead to a Superman spin off. #marveldc #dcmarvel #dcnews #arrowverse #arrow #flash #theflash #dc #dccomics #superman #supergirl #dc #marveldcnews #marvelnews #dceu #dcextendeduniverse #discussion #comics #Tv #justiceleague #lexluthor #lenaluthor #smallville
There are rumors that Superman may get his own TV show in the CW, I think this would be amazing as Tyler Hoechlin is a good Superman, leave your thoughts below. ~Tags below~ #marveldc #dcmarvel #dcnews #arrowverse #arrow #flash #theflash #dc #dccomics #superman #supergirl #dc #marveldcnews #marvelnews #dceu #dcextendeduniverse #discussion #comics #Tv
I'll be posting again starting today, me and the other admin have been busy with stuff but I'll be doing news, fancasts, and more soon
My choices for the next #wolverine honestly wolverine is my favorite super hero next to iron man (why this was a wolverine account) ~original owner - 1. #hughjackman (guys im not ready for jackman to go still) 2. #tomhardy 3. #travisfimmel 4. #charliehunnam 5. #scotteastwood - #Dc #Fancast #Mcu #Marvel #Dcu #Dceu #Dcuniverse #Marveluniverse #Superheroes #heroes #supervillains #villains #DcMarvel #Marveldc #MarvelandDc #DcandMarvel #comics #comic
Plot:The movie picks up months after the events of Fantastic Four, Peter lives with his Aunt May four his Uncle dead. Peter sits inside his room working on a suit and webshooters, designs and papers laid scattered across his floor, as he finishes the suit he slowly pulls it on and swings through the streets. Norman Osborn is seen walking into Oscorp with his son Harry, their relationship seems fine on the surface, as Norman walks through Oscorp he sends Harry off to call Peter or someone as he goes to a secret lab where Otto Octavius is hard on work creating a glider, and a serum however he needs something from Curt Conners to finish his project. The next day Peter and Harry stand inside the school talking, Harry tells him about his father constantly working lately, Peter distracted by Gwen Stacy and not listening. Meanwhile at the Daily Bugle, reporter Eddie Brock makes his way into J. Jonah's office delivering very blurry pictures of Spider-Man, J. Jonah insulting him and deciding to post an ad about giving money for photographs. Peter finds this ad and decides to use an old camera to get and photos and the money to help his Aunt May out, meanwhile Aunt May is trying to set him up on a date with Anna Watson's niece. Soon Norman Osborn sends some of his men to steal the formula needed from Curt Conners as he finished his seruem quickly testing it on himself. Days pass as Norman's sanity begins to slip and he wears a green costume using a glider to wreak havok across the city, Peter and Norman meeting and having their first fight Norman defeating him and learning his identity, Norman decides to go after Aunt May and put a stop to Spiderman, Peter follows after him. Norman is defeated in their final battle and sent to prison. Peter soon gets a date with Gwen Stacy and meets MJ. PC: Otto Octavius sits inside Oscorp finishing a pair of robotic arms #tomholland as Spider-Man #matthewmcconaughy as Norman Osborn #tobeymaguire as Uncle Ben #marisatomei as Aunt May #freddiehighmore as Harry Osborn #markhamill as Otto Octavius #nikolajcosterwaldau as Curt Conners #dovecameron as Gwen Stacy #sophieturner as MJ Watson #liamhemsworth as Eddie Brock #bobodenkirk as J. Jonah
The first in my marvel fancast lineup of movies Plot: The movie starts off with Reed and Ben as kids and developing their friendship, it would show how close they are and how good of friends they are. Timeskip to years later with Reed and Ben in college, Reed meets Sue Storm and her brother Johnny, the four quickly becoming friends before meeting Victor Von doom where him and Reed don't get along. Eventually Reed starts working on a exploration into space, Reed, Ben, Sue, Johnny, and Victor all going on the exploration where they are hit by cosmic rays and the ship drifts back towards Earth. Reed, Johnny, Sue, and Ben make it to Earth okay while Victor is rushed to a hospital due to what happened, his face scarred from the ship almost crashing. Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny later start to develop their powers and move into the baxter building to learn and test them as Reed begins to make them suits, meanwhile Doom recovers and sees what happened to his face where he then wears a mask and an old suit of armor blaming Reed for the accident and going after him for vengence, him and the fantastic four face off with the heroes ultimately winning and Doom being sent to a prison facility. Post credit scene: A young boy enters an Oscorp building with a camera in hand, his name is Peter Parker, as he walks inside and explores the lab he is soon bitten by a spider Post credit scene 2: Silver Surfer is seen talking with Galactus, the devour of worlds, Galactus mentions Earth and sends his herald to go and explore the planet. (Note: my Fantastic Four knowledge isn't that good which is why the plot is somewhat basic and not as good as my Batman or Superman one) #johnkrasinski as Reed Richards #emilyblunt as Sue Storm Grant Anstine as Johnny Storm #davidharbour as Ben Grimm #madsmikkelsen as Doctor Doom #rickywhittle as Silver Surfer #tomholland as Peter Parker #Mcu #Marvel #FantasticFour #Fancast
@grantanstine wants to play Johnny Storm, please wish him luck and try and help him by following, liking his posts, or helping him by shouting him out. #Dc #Fancast #Mcu #Marvel #Dcu #Dceu #Dcuniverse #Marveluniverse #Superheroes #heroes #supervillains #villains #DcMarvel #Marveldc #MarvelandDc #DcandMarvel #comics #comic #fantasticfour #humantorch #johnnystorm
Batman Year one Plot:The movie opens months after the events of Superman, Bruce has mostly secluded himself and been working alone for two years now, Bruce has been distant to even someone like Alfred who contacted Dick to come and talk to him, Dick reminds Bruce about what could happen if he fights alone and tells him that he can't mourn Jason's death forever and that he will end up dead without a partner, Bruce orders Dick to leave as he reflects on his past and how he started and how he had worked alone and almost died several times. Bruce Wayne had recently arrived back in Gotham and began his crusade against crime, three months had passed since he began and crime had slowly dropped, however both criminals and the GCPD wanted him stopped, word about the mysterious vigilante began to get around as an old criminal in Gotham known as The Riddler slowly returns, he quickly begins to test the Batman both psychically and mentally. In the GCPD Harvey and Jim Gordon work with DA Harvey Bullock to take down a man known as Jervis Tetch, when he's taken to court Riddler arrives with multiple men where he saves Tetch as Batman arrives and faces off against them with Riddler escaping. Bruce and Alfred work on tracking him down, Dent blaming Batman for not stopping Tetch and Riddler, meanwhile Gordon slowly sees working with the Bat may be his only way to stop Riddler and Tetch. Once Jim and Batman work together they slowly find Tetch and Riddler and head to stop him together, Tetch waiting for them and having a dinner party ready where he has both Barbara and James Gordon Jr held as hostages, Jim and Bruce forced to play his game but Bruce able to free them from their mind control and take down Hatter before going after Riddler, the two facing off with a test of brains and strength with Batman barely defeating him. Bruce leaves and learns that he will need help one day. Present day Bruce learns the same thing and slowly looks over at his suit. Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman Logan Lerman as Nightwing Ian McKellen as Alfred David Tennant as Riddler Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon Dean Norris as Harvey Bullock Andrew Scott as Mad Hatter Matthew McConaughey as Harvey Dent
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