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🌼 Sydney/everywhere 🌻 Clients include @adobe , @instagram , @samsungau βœ‰

2019 me is thriving πŸ˜‚ Never thought I'd be getting a limo upstate to see Red Hot Chili Peppers with @googlepixel and @youtubemusic , but here we are! Both photos shot on my gifted Pixel, second one was using Night Sight πŸŒ™ #GooglePartner #TeamPixel #YoutubeMusic #GiftfromGoogle
This series I wrote and designed (whilst travelling alone around the world and discovering the importance of slowing down) has been making it's way around the internet again thanks to some reposts from big accounts, if you could do me a favour and tag/credit when you see my work being posted that'd be beautiful 😍
What my afternoons look like lately, working on my new sticker and wallpaper collection for you❣Tools: #gifted @samsungau Note9 + gifted @microsoftau Surface Pro
There's comfort in knowing you haven't blossomed to your full potential just yet, that you're still growing and there is so much more to come 🌼 I'm still blossoming, despite it all, and determined to keep doing so
#ARTISTBEDROOM Take a peek inside my room πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ I've made all the decor in my bedroom, and some of it will be displayed in an exhibition soon (so this is just a tiny preview). I wish i could see the rooms of my favourite artists tbh, it'd be so interesting 🌻
Sneak peek of my new sticker series which I can't think of a name for?! This series is all about growth and knowing you're still blossoming. I'm still growing and learning and that's okay.
Tag a pal you love because even if you're in a relationship, showing affection and love on Feb 14th should not be limited to romantic partners or gals ❣ We don't have enough honest conversations with friends about how much we appreciate them, so I'm using this day as an opportunity to do that.
I'm feeling liberated and grateful (i mean look at this place, wow) so expect my work to reflect that this year 😍 Ps. Taken on my #gifted Samsung Note 9 on pro mode, edited in Lightroom @samsungau
Look what I made! Out of wood! I can't wait to keep bringing my work to life through new mediums. Fun fact, i used to work mostly in embroidery?! I have to keep reminding myself to not be limited to a medium, creativity and style know no bounds. You never know where experimentation will lead πŸ’•
What letting go of the bad stuff feels like 😁 Me and my girls are just out here, glowing and liberated, wondering how we ever let another person stop us from shining 🌼 PS. thinking of making this a new GIF for your IG stories?
SCREAMING! I'M IN FRANKIE MAG. Full interview in bio! I've loved this magazine for many years, loved doing this interview in L.A last year and loved being able to speak honestly with beauty @skalagas . Thank you thank you thank you.
1, 2 or 3? This is my first post of 2019, if you'd like to make sure you're seeing my posts for the rest of the year be sure to like/comment and do the same for other accounts you love! It's a good time to engage with posts by all the artists you love and keep supporting their work, so the feed doesn't push our posts to the bottom 😘 also when will I get over my floral phase? (Never)
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