Mark Nilan Jr.

We Grammy Nominated 😳
This has been my favorite song to be a part of. The lyrics, the sentiment, the chord changes, the parts, the vocal performance. All soo dope! The people involved in this song are THE BEST!! Now there's a music video!! Also here's the original horn charts that i wrote. Paper and pencil son. #oldschool #lookwhatifound #astarisborn
Guys, I'm doing you a favor. Learn this song and sing it to your wife at your wedding. (This is my original chart from when we wrote it) #isthatalright #astarisborn
The olll 'best soundtrack of all time' trick
The crew.
Just stewpid cleeaan. #astarisborn #premiere
We here.
Put in a lot of music work on this series and their upcoming album. With @iamdjws and @blkmktmusic
@tpain new tv show that @blkmktmusic and I did all the music for with @iamdjws
Nilan's had a successful weekend of poppin out another kid. Here's Brex with his little brother Stevie
When @thebenjaminrice and I lock eyes, the rest of the world seems to fade away. The dude in the blue shirt is named Gary grant. He played trumpet on thriller. The high F#'s I wrote for him for this session were harder to hit than playing on Thriller. He's smiling cus he nailed them. @ladygaga is a great conduct. She brings the hype and the inspiration
We made a bunch of awesome songs with @jesskentmusic Here's the start of her releases! @nickmonsonmusic @kennedi @tranterjustin @bergtonemusic @joshgudwin
You can go ahead and add conducting to the long list of her skills. We had the orchestra coming in. Music prepared. Then decided to add orchestra to 1 more song, with 1 hour before the start time. We wrote this orchestra arrangement in an hour. With pencil and paper. I literally wore thru 4 pencils. Have yet to come across anyone that can pull that off these days... And it sounds EPIC. Wait til u hear it. @ladygaga
These people are all soooo hard working & dedicated to their crafts. A real honor to be friends with these people!!
Yea, what he said ... Repost @iamdjws ・・・ I think I can tell you all that I wrote over a 1/3 of this soundtrack with my dear friends....
And who could forget this old chestnut. Me and @sagethegemini before he learned all the gospel chords and stopped calling me...😏
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