Mark Nilan Jr.

Nilan's had a successful weekend of poppin out another kid. Here's Brex with his little brother Stevie
When @thebenjaminrice and I lock eyes, the rest of the world seems to fade away. The dude in the blue shirt is named Gary grant. He played trumpet on thriller. The high F#'s I wrote for him for this session were harder to hit than playing on Thriller. He's smiling cus he nailed them. @ladygaga is a great conduct. She brings the hype and the inspiration
We made a bunch of awesome songs with @jesskentmusic Here's the start of her releases! @nickmonsonmusic @kennedi @tranterjustin @bergtonemusic @joshgudwin
You can go ahead and add conducting to the long list of her skills. We had the orchestra coming in. Music prepared. Then decided to add orchestra to 1 more song, with 1 hour before the start time. We wrote this orchestra arrangement in an hour. With pencil and paper. I literally wore thru 4 pencils. Have yet to come across anyone that can pull that off these days... And it sounds EPIC. Wait til u hear it. @ladygaga
These people are all soooo hard working & dedicated to their crafts. A real honor to be friends with these people!!
Yea, what he said ... Repost @iamdjws ・・・ I think I can tell you all that I wrote over a 1/3 of this soundtrack with my dear friends....
And who could forget this old chestnut. Me and @sagethegemini before he learned all the gospel chords and stopped calling me...😏
Did a few songs with @austinmahone and probably more to come
This one goooes
Did this too
We did Running Man with @thecoolxkids
Go listen to us with @tooshort
I quit music 7 weeks ago and became a construction worker. I'm coming out of retirement now. Back to the studio..
Hey there little buddy
This song is tight. Nick and I made this sucker
Did this song with @nickmonsonmusic and Ann Marie and it comes out April 27th. It's called #BadGirlfriend . @annemarieiam
I got to close out the 'Joanne era' with LG by doing this. She told me she wanted a remix of Joanne. I pulled up the original and wrote the chords down for myself. I thought this would be the most fitting form for the song, to let the lyrics and her vocals shine thru. So we walked in the next room, told ben the plan, he hit record and we performed it. 1 take. No discussing it, no redoing it, no tweaking it. These days, making music in one take is a lost art. Artists don't have that skill set, because they don't need to. Technology is so good, you can always redo stuff. Gaga is real deal.
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