Mark DellaGrotte

Intl. Conservator of Sityodtong Style #MuayThai Owner | Operator of #Sityodtong USA HQ Talent Relations | Technical Advisor for #UFC

Here we go Southworst.... off to Milwaukee..... #UFC #fox
What a Crazy night of fights!!! Hats off to all the combatants that leave it all in the octagon!!! @blessedmma @suckerpunchent @bulletvalentina
The calm before the storm... The truck always gets crazier as the night goes on!!! Main event is usually louder in here than in the arena!!! #ufc231
Ever wonder what it’s like to make that walk?!?!? Lemme show you!!! #ufc231
My man @jon_anik !!! Let’s go!!! #ufc231
Love this city... Toronto Rocks,,, good vibes good people #ufc231
Honestly,,, these are 2 of my favorite people in the @UFC company. @stipemiocic and @chrisprovino always great to see them. Gonna be a great night!!! #ufc231
I Love my friends!!!!!!! Lol. Every Weekend I spend with them it makes us grown that much closer. We got years together in this game and in the books.....!
I’m truly Honored to be a part of what this man has built. @danawhite... the first show I worked was UFC 36..... are we actually on 231 this weekend in Toronto?!?!?! Thank you for an amazing ride! But FYI I ain’t gettin off!!! #loyaldog
My man @seanshelby In happy mode...!!! @mickmaynard2 backing his boy up!!!
Touchdown in Toronto,,, bout to do some Canadian shit!!! Let’s go @UFC 231! @hansmolenkamp @monsterenergy !!! @revgear !!!
Buckle up butta cups.... Toronto @ufc 231 lets goooooo!!! ✈️
Don’t sleep on this sale!!! @revgear practically giving stuff away for peanuts!!!
Let’s goooo!!! @revgear get it while you can!!!
All over this for my son Dante!!! @njf_28 @lorenzofertitta miss you guys 🙏
Caught this ninja doin big boy shit octagon side tonight. I swear there is at least 3 @hansmolenkamp on earth.... this man does way to much for a solo act...! lol... always on the getteee up gettin work done did... grinds daily... # way to much to hash shit.. lol 🙏 @monsterenergy
It slows down. But the city dosent sleep.......... I do so 💤💤💤for me... happy nyc marathon. I see some traffic and some bullshit delays on the horizon but I ain’t no mufackin Nostradamus ... 🧐 2 hour drive to airport for a 45 min flight. 🤦‍♂️
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