Scott Marchione

Time to find the new normal. A crisp morning with a slight breeze and a bright sunrise.
Homemade shells and cheese. I made the cheese sauce with gouda. The sauce was really good right out of the pot, so it should be killer with buttery breadcrumbs on top!
Beautiful sunrise over the foggy lake.
Geese have no regard for weather.
Natural splendor!
Nice day for a walk😊
See you Monday Wrigley!!
Wildlife on my evening run.
Tell your friends, when in Holland, stop in. You’re not likely to see this lineup every time #cheers
Beautiful sunset, cool evening air... too bad the cats are jerks and ripped up the screen, it’s a perfect night to have the sliding door open!
Recharge Sunday.
I guess I’ll find another seat.
He has an unbelievable love for velvety blankets. Claws, drool, licking... it’s kind of gross🤷🏻‍♂️😂
#nationalselfieday God, I hate taking these😖
47,527 names, email addresses, and phone numbers to format and relate to another spreadsheet... NBD. I’ll just keep repeating Yoda’s wise words, “Size matters not!” Lol
The face I’m making to the douche crew clumped behind me as they make rude comments about the drunk “Bros” from last night and the girls they “banged”. Slimeballs🤨
Finished product.
Final coat applied. Just need to let it dry. It should be ready to hang tomorrow!
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