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Miss World 2017 🇮🇳 | Dreamer 🦋

#ThrowbackThursday A picture clicked during my Miss India days while shooting for the Miss World introduction AV. It wasn’t easy to have a shoot all day, meeting at night, then pack and write your script till morning, fly to Jaipur and start shooting immediately. Two long days with the most wonderful team! What an experience! From dancing in the fountain, going into the pool, rolling on the grass, sitting in the middle of blossoms and all this wearing the heaviest clothes. But it was all worth it as “the toughest of paths lead to the most beautiful destinations”. I lived my princess dream, now it’s time for you. Are you ready for #MissIndia2019 ? #MissIndiaTheDream 👑
Life isn’t about the times we fail or succeed, It’s about the times we learn from our failures only to maintain an equilibrium during our success.
We will never be ready for what lies ahead... #LeapOfFaith
Jan #2019
“The magic whispers of the trees”
How I laugh at my jokes 💖💖
“Going into the week like...” 🤓🤓
And we are headed home 🏠 Can’t wait to see you mumma and papa❤️
The Miss World 2018 coronation party 🎉
The journey of the nerd who goes to a pageant ends only to begin a new adventure. And it is time to pass on the legacy to the successor. The reign may end, but the mission continues! Thank you @missworld
Dearest Vanessa, Welcome to the family! I’m so happy to see you live the dream this year. I promise that you are with people who love you and will always have your back. Always remember that no one ever grows in their comfort zones and even the toughest times will give you the happiest memories. Learn as much as you can and enjoy every minute of it ❤️❤️ As someone who has been in your shoes and understands, feel free to reach out because I’m just a phone call away ❤️
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