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The data does not lie. MantisX attaches to any gun and gives instant feedback via an app. When performance is measured, performance improves. #mantisX

A resolution to improve is most effective when it is measurable. Goals get teeth once they are quantifiable. MantisX quantifies everything for you, giving you the nit picky feedback so you can outperform yourself. #mantisx #newyearsresolution #goals #dowork
Reposting @redfoottactical :⠀ ...⠀ "Holidays are over and New Years resolutions are almost here. Make yours include training everyday. Get your MantisX shooting performance system, and dry fire in your living room!⠀ *⠀ ⠀ #resolutions #2019 #2019goals#training #goals #shooting #tactical #tacticalgear #tacticaltraining #texas #licensetocarry #mantisx "
We’re small. Intentionally. This is not your typical corporate gig. We move fast and pivot quickly. Mantis is making some significant waves in an industry that is rife with lack of innovation. If you have skills in app development or marketing, hit us up. Let’s chat. . . Don’t have those skills, but still interested? Send us a resume. We fill more than empty positions if there is a good fit.
For your old man eyes, we will read the small print for you: “2018 Best New Accessory”. Thanks to @poma_hq and NASGW for recognizing innovation and advancement through their industry Caliber Award. We humbly accept! . Spoiler Alert: watch for four new products to be launched at SHOT. . #mantisx
This is why we do what we do. #dowork #mantisx
If you think consistent practice doesn’t matter, think again. Shooting is not like riding a bike-it’s a perishable skill. . 10 million shots analyzed tells us how inconsistent we get the longer we wait to get trigger time. . Practice: live or dry is equally valuable. . Your shooting skills are like your amphibious ancestors with tails: use or lose it. . #mantisx #dowork #10million
Using objective data for firearm and grip selection? . It’s about time. . Reposting @blackbottomgunclub :⠀ ...⠀ "Did some #dryfire with the @mantis_tech #mantisx system today, to test out if the back straps for my #glock19 make any difference when shooting. Normally I don't use a back strap. Clearly, based on these results, I should consider doing so. 50 shots each of no strap, medium, medium beavertail, large, and large beavertail. I got the best results using the medium and medium beavertail back straps. The medium beavertail resulted in a 6 percent increase in accuracy over no backstrap, according to the results even though no back strap "feels" better. The results might be different with live rounds, but #practicemakesconsistent . ⠀ #training #dryfiretraining #BlackBottomGunClub #melanin #my2Atoo #2ndAmendment #2ndamendmentisproblack #2A #practice #data #shootinganalytics #dowork #thepewpewlife "
And.....there’s more. #mantisx #dowork
How much work do you have to put in to get good? 10 million shots analyzed tells us the answer. Bottom line: 1000 shots (live or dry) gives you a huge increase. . IF . A big IF because it has to be done right, with quantitative feedback, so you can fix errors early and often. Otherwise 1000 rounds can just ingrain bad habits more permanently. . When performance is measured performance improves. #mantisx #dowork
Wait-what?? So how a gun feels may not be how it shoots? When we get quantitative data, we make better decisions. The data does not lie. #mantisx
From the NRA: “If you want a product that can improve your shooting....the MantisX system is for you.” Read the full review at
This may be the most important graph you’ve seen if you’re serious about improvement. If you think pre-shot downward movement is only a live fire issue, think again. 10 million shots analyzed with MantisX, both live and dry, tells a unique story. Yes, it is less of an issue in dry fire, but still, FAR AND AWAY, the biggest issue. The best shooters do 80-90% of their practice dry. Why? They get this. Get real feedback in dry practice, see real results at the range. When performance is measured, performance improves. #dowork #mantisx
Hmmmm.....what’s this?
From a fan: 100 rounds before MantisX. 100 rounds after MantisX. You still gotta do the work, but MantisX tells you how. When performance is measured, performance improves. #mantisx #consistency #dowork #improvement
10 million shots analyzed. Which make of firearm is shot best in live fire? This graph isn’t quite as flat as the last one..... @stiinternational @czusafirearms @coltfirearms @rugersofficial @smithwessoncorp #thedatadoesnotlie #mantisx
“I didn’t fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.” -Thomas Edison Four years ago we had a terrible idea that didn’t work. That eventually led to a great idea that worked beyond our expectations. #dowork #neverstop #mantisx
10 million shots analyzed. Median dry fire score by manufacturer. Don’t get too emotional here-they are very close, and quite consistent. And yes, the shooter has a lot to do with it. #mantisx @stiinternational @coltfirearms @canikusa @fn_america @glockinc @sigsauerinc @smithwessoncorp
We’ve analyzed 10 million shots. Which manufacturers of firearms are shot the best in dry fire? (Note the careful wording there: yes, the shooter has a bit to do with it). Spoiler alert: there will be some surprises here. Name the top three correctly (in order) and you get an entry for a free MantisX. Tag someone for an additional entry. #mantisx #thedatadoesnotlie
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