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Tonight. Discover Jack. #ThisIsUs
Forever a life highlight. Love these ladies. #fbf #becauseisaidso
Proud friend alert. @minkakelly using her platform for good. A call for compassion and decency. We need more of that these days. Dig deep and find the issues that matter and resonate with you, friends. #yourvoteisyourvoice #Repost @minkakelly with @get_repost ・・・ I made a little something. You can see the full version via the link in my bio or swipe up in my story. • A friend on a recent trip to visit our border said that we all have time, talent or treasure to offer to the matters that speak to us. Knowing that voting is the most powerful thing we can do, I asked my friend @simonkinberg to help me direct a little something to remind folks to vote and to vote with compassion. We’re beyond the point of partisanship. This isn’t about red or blue anymore, this is about decency and humanity. Full stop. Director: Myself and @simondavidkinberg Cinematographer: @dellphoto Editor: @garylynnblake Thank you @danielstessen and a very special thank you to @jeffvespa for all your help and support in making this happen. And the deepest, most heartfelt thank you to @essiejainmusic for letting me use her beautiful music. November is coming. Please vote 🗳
My double #WCW today and always. SWIPE!! #thisisus
To say it’s an honor to be on the cover of @glamourmag with my two favorite ladies is a massive understatement. I am consistently floored by the women and performers you both are, @susankelechiwatson and @chrissymetz and so grateful to be on this ride with you. Thanks again to @glamourmag for celebrating our sisterhood, @victordemarchelier for the photos, and the great @jessicaradloff14 for writing such a lovely piece. #thisisus . LINK to story in BIO. 💗
Ones of my very favorite people and singer-songwriters has a special place in tonight’s episode of #thisusus and I couldn’t be more thrilled that our worlds are colliding in this way. I ❤️ you and your music so much, @inara_george.
A new mystery, Kevin’s a movie star, and all 3 Kates together?! TONIGHT. #ThisIsUs
TOMORROW is the deadline to register to vote in these states. PLEASE take the time to get registered if you aren’t already and pass on the message. This election is crucial and we need young people to get out now more than ever. There are a million easy ways to do it, @headcountorg is one of them. #voterregistration #vote
These are very vague hints as to what happens in tomorrow night’s episode of #thisisus . 🍾 💐 💗
Family moments at Kevin’s big premiere 😉. #thisisus
Tomorrow! Episode 2. We’re just getting started. There is a lot to unpack in this one....#thisisus
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