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SHOP RESTOCK: LIVE NOW Fae Viking and lover of sci-fi & fantasy ⚔️ Sustainable fashion 💚 🌱 🌱Podcast:@seconds.of.serenity Lin

I'm working on a list of professional goals for 2019, and as I put them to paper I can feel myself getting more an more motivated. I also have some personal goals, but I think it's important to keep them separate - don't get your professional succes tangled up in your personal goals ❤️ I don't really do New Year's resolutions, but on winter solstice I always present myself with a list of goals and take a moment to focus my intent on them with a small ritual. Do you do anything like that? And would you like to see my list once it's finished? 📷: Mus Photography Hood: Necklace: @vespermoth Overdress: @epicarmoury
Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 My boyfriend and I went for another long nature walk, I'm just so inspired by this nature all around us! Can't wait to create more and share more with you guys once we get WiFi here ❤️ What would you like to see me make more of? Or is there something I've never done before you'd like me to try out? I'd love to hear all your ideas ☺️ You guys really inspire and motivate me, and I want to make 2019 my most creative yet! 📷: Mus Photography . . . . #stregafashion #redhead #ginger #maimagi #moonchild #witch #witchy
Full of good energy from yesterday's release. There's a few designs left, just follow the link in my bio ❤️ I feel like I'm finding my path with my shop, and the stressful knot in my stomach is dissolving, slowly restoring my flow and grounding. The area we moved to is on the edge of Roskilde Fjord, an area known for its many Viking finds and settlements. We went for a long walk there today. I feel so at peace in this nature, and so inspired by the land. You can feel the winds of history here ⚔️ Today's outfit is inspired by the old meeting the new; the jormungandir biting his own tail; the circle of life. Ragnarok is both the end and the beginning. Hood: @vespermoth Necklace: @vespermoth Overdress: @epicarmoury 'Raven' dress (yes I wear my LARP clothes in real life all the time 😁) Photo by Mus Photography
Thank you so much for the positive reception of the Yule collection ❤️ So much is sold already! But this design, one of personal favorites, is still available 😍 Link in and story!
The Yule collection is live! Link in my bio ⚔️ Yule or Yuletide ("Yule time") is a festival observed by the historical Germanic peoples. Scholars have connected the celebration to the Wild Hunt, the god Odin, and the pagan Anglo-Saxon Mōdraniht.
You know that feeling when you make something and you just want to keep it for yourself?? That's how I feel about the VÖLVAGAMEN collab pieces 😍 Wearing the red colorway here ❤️ only 2 red and 2 black available, one of each color in and @vespermoth shops! So set your alarms to tomorrow, December 5th, 4pm CET ⚔️ And check out my previous posts for close up of these beauties
Who guessed deep red?? VÖLVAGAMEN - a collaboration between and @vespermoth ⚔️ Available tomorrow, December 5th in both our stores, very limited amount! Knit from 100% recycled textile and featuring a gorgeous smokey quartz crystal ✨
VÖLVAGAMEN - a collaboration between and @vespermoth ⚔️ Available December 5th in both our stores, very limited amount! Knit from 100% recycled textile and featuring a gorgeous rock crystal ✨
Thowback to last winter ❄️ We're super busy with unpacking and decorating, and me with getting ready for the Yule release on Wednesday 😱 Tomorrow I'll reveal the centerpieces of the collection: my collab with @vespermoth that Patrons have already seen ❤️ Stay tuned! Photo: Mus Photography Jacket made by me Necklace on forehead: @sadir_green
We are at the house! It's completely chaotic and we won't have WiFi untill the 18th so please bear with me if I'm only available sporadically ☺️ I hope you all have a lovely evening ❤️ Hood: Earrings: @feralina_ & @wolfteacreations
Last ever outfit pic in this apartment 💔 Not a very impressive look haha I'm packing 😅 But very comfy. This time tomorrow we'll all be in the new house, I cannot wait! I really appreciate all your kind words and support through these months, it's been absolutely insane. But I'm sure it'll all be worth it ❤️ Everything is thrifted
I will have a very limited amount of the JORMUNGANDR belts available in the Yule release on December 5th <3 Will you be grabbing one?
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