Mahnoor Arshad Mahmood

UBC |ΑΦ @alphaphiubc 📍Lahore-Vancouver What’s yours will find you.

(2/2) The love-hate relationship has started to look a lot more like love-love (yuck),now that I barely get to see you both once in a while. This trip back home got us a lot more closely knitted than I had imagined and leaving you two back always turns out to be the hardest goodbye. Here is to my two best friends!❤️ #FarewellDinner
(1/2) Thank you for being undeniably the best mama and for going out and beyond to make my stay in Lahore worthwhile. I love you❤️ 📷 @hac_studio #FarewellDinner
Learning how to balance in heels: eventually ended up getting implanted in the grass #weshallgettheresomeday ✨ 📷: @hac_studio
Till we meet again Lahore! ❤️#Nothingcompares #LahoreLahorehai
Celebrated the first week of this term in my hometown, hbu? 💤
Ending the last weekend of 2018 on a CHEESY note 🧀
Raiding mama’s closet and acting all fancy is undeniably my favourite part about coming back to Pakistan ✨ #Winterbrunch #HammadwedsHunaiza
Hasta La Vista #WeOuttaHere ✈️ #happyholidaysfolks
Buena vista life
3 finals in 42 hours, a reflection paper and a 19 hours flight all in one stretch 📝 AREE YOU KIDDING ME?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #Prayformeplz #Sendhelpsendlove #examsyndrome
Christmas desserts errryyywheree 🥂🍉
Are you even basic if you don’t pose in the middle of John street and try to look all fashion? #detoxweekend
Just me trying to look aesthetically tall in my favourite city| 📸 @nisargshukla25
Brb planning an escape to move to Toronto asap #weekendgetaway
Throwing away another girl’s bag just so that I could sit with Miss Khan’s favourite student in grade 7 was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Happy Birthday Dodo! There is no one else I’d rather have grown up with.💓 #10yearsstrong #loveofmylife 💜 #Dodomano
Physically I’m writing my poli science research paper but mentally in the mood for another fun shoot with @makeupbymaleehasalman 💓 #missinghomealittle #throwback 🔙
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