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Eternally grateful and inspired by this experience, these people, this portfolio. thank you @voguemagazine #SeptemberIssue
my gal @neeenze took this photo of me this morning after she exclaimed “wow you look so beautiful! can I take a picture of you?” how incomprehensibly lucky I am to have people in my life who make me feel special and like the sun shines from my face after a week of feeling sad and scared and generally pitiful and ashamed. How beautiful and special it is that one interaction with someone you care about can grab you under the armpits and lift you into the light you feel you’ve been missing. Guh I hate posts like this and I hate being too serious literally ever but here we gooooooo ok so I was in a car accident early Saturday morning and the amount of gratitude I feel that no one in the 4 cars involved was badly injured is insurmountable. But somehow that gratitude hasn’t kept me from feeling reaaal strangeeeee I’ve been desperately looking for light and trying to be strong minded while being gentle with myself physically. But as gentle and strong and proud I want as to be I’ve been overwhelmed with feelings of anger and fear and blame and shame and a general ugliness inside and outside. And Nina so preciously pulled me from my sadness with her earnest fucking pure heart. Idk whatever I just wanna sayyyyyy kiss your friends in their faces and hold them close. Show and tell people! Your mom! The guy who’s sort of ghosting you! everyone! how you feel about them. Wear your heart on your sleeve and wear your fucking seatbelt!!!!!!! Love u byeeeee
“... seriously?”
casa de Watkinson was a rainbow unicorn dream. We sat 4 of us on a float and Nina chanted “GI-LE-AD” repeatedly. Amanda spiked a volleyball on her own offspring and said “Don’t call me Mom, call me BOSS.” Lo fell off the unicorn and was hit in the face with a ball at the same time and I laughed so hard I almost peed in the pool. What a special day 🌺😊
am I too late for #nationalparentsday 💐
CAM 💕 In a world where sex workers are slut-shamed, victim-blamed, and treated as less than human, @chronopictures and @isaiswrong brought a movie into the world about a sex worker, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a human being, owning her life and her job and, most importantly, her body. I learned so much about self-acceptance and my own sexuality through Alice, but I was also forced to confront prejudices about sex work and the women who do it that I had harbored unbeknownst to myself. I love this movie. It is thrilling and beautiful ( @katearizmendi @emmarosemead @annietaggemua @xtinawhatever ) but it also forces you to see a woman, who uses HER BODY as HER LIVELIHOOD, without exploitation so as to tell a STORY. If you’re in Montreal, go see this bitch at @fantasiafestival 💕
Season 2 Finale. I cried I laughed I was sweating a lot I hugged my friends and many strangers and I drank vodka and ate spaghetti and I know Chrissy Teigen was there but I didn’t see her so basically none of it was worth it (jk it was the most amazing night I’ll get u next time CT)
#LOLA ❤️ CAM 💕@fantasiafestival
The Pink Room 💕 CAM @fantasiafestival
Hey looks it’s me with panties in my mouth! CAM is premiering at @fantasiafestival in 11 days and I’m so excited I could just spit
This is not fiction. This is not @HandmaidsOnHulu. I read the story of Rebecca. She was prostituted from the age of 14 to 27 in the UK. Join @equalitynoworg in their fight to change laws and transform the system - creating a just and equal world for women and girls, like Rebecca. #HopeLivesInEveryName , give yours. Link in bio for the full-length video.
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