Hello! I'm Lumaga (or just Lu). I speak spanish and english. I work drawing comics and I write fantasy novels.

I just can't let the #DrawThisInYourStyle hashtag die. This is @sailroll 's pirate!
Glowy eyes Lina, while I wait for the bank to open. #FourLeafComic #mangaart #webcomic #oc
Protect her! #FourLeafComic I hope you get to know this gal soon. And someone buy me more copics, they're such stress relievers.
Reworking some old panels :D Long time no see, Instagram. The app was eating my battery life, but it seems I've fixed it? -u- So I'm back. #FourLeafComic
I was actually trying out brushes for a possible comic and ended up with this. I guess I liked the brush. *whispers* The novel script is so close to completion.
Nuuve brought me light pink copics from Spain :D #copic #mangaart
Let me show off my wedding cake. #gameboycolor #Pokemon
Pokémon trainer Mayu #Pokemon #Musharna #Nosepass #oc
A very patient princess. #botw #BreathoftheWild #Zelda #loz
Gotta play some #Pokemon rol with friends!
On the left, one of the first #FourLeafComic pages I made as part of my pitch to Hiveworks less than two years ago. On the right, page 2 remade when I was supposed to be drawing page 139.
Fanart for Steve Ahn's Blossom Detective Holmes! #blossomdetectiveholmes #fanart
We care very little about Valentine's, but we just came back from picking the date for our wedding, so I guess it'll be special from now on.
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