little devil

not giving a f*ck is better than revenge.!! I AM NOT THE PEOPLE I POST !!

Honestly wish I could dye my hair a “crazy colour” but like I’m too scared and school wouldn’t let me
I would get chicken wing sauce ALL over that top #bellahadid
Tbh, so over people lying to me and telling me I’m pretty. Like I have the EVIDENCE to prove I’m not. Just let a girl accept her ugliness in peace geezzzz
please give tips below on how to be pretty, would be much appreciated.
School was.... you guessed it. Shit. But hey at least I get to go to school. But at the same time that doesn’t make it less shitty
elegance is the only beauty that never fades - a.hepburn
No matter how many times people tried to tell me what you are really like, I defended you. I believed the mask you put on. I believed that there was no evil in you and that you could do no wrong. I fought with people because I couldn’t understand why they thought you could do anything so manipulative and cruel. I called them over dramatic and too harsh, when in reality I was being naive and too kind. I was oblivious to the truth, and my mind was hazed by the fear of loosing you. I preferred to blame myself rather than see your true colours. Nevertheless they showed. You were exactly the person the others described you to be. Cruel, heartless and hurtful. You turned out to be the complete opposite of who I thought you were. You left me to drown in my own tears and suffering. I often wondered if it was all a lie or if you changed your heart only recently, but in the end I should’ve never defended you, but defended myself.
Everything you are, I am and everyone else is, is just one tiny dot in the universe.
Hey everyoneee 💞 I’m (and ) now (unfortunately) back at school after summer break so that means I probably won’t be as active :( but I should still be able to come on here at least like once a day because it’s the start of the year and there’s not many assignments or tests 💘 anyway wish I could’ve edited this video instead of posting the original one but like I said I have school. Anyway love you hope you’re doing well xx 💋
Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out. Chase that.
Highkey miss this duo. But know who is a duo. Me and my friend so FOLLOW HER she posts better content than me hehehe ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️
Even though we never said it to each other. We knew.
Happy birthday to @louannvecchia too ❤️💋
Happy birthday to this timeless beauty ✨💙 @doutzen
I lost something, I never had. Yet it hurts, just as bad.
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