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Lash Tip 101: Why not do both, this creates texture along with a full effect, I do not stack nor over lap lashes I apply lash extensions strand by strand called (isolation) with narrow fan or wide.. that creates a Quality Full Set💕
My Fave.. ⅃L • length 20 mm D curl💕 @trophijade
Up close & perfect, this is a one size full set, I usually don’t do this but jessica insisted D curl 17s mixed length • taken by an IPhone XS Max 🥰
Slay per usual, have a happy Sunday ladies @lexnats 💕
Why wear strips when you can wear mega Volume, hey jasmine😬💕
& They’re really soft as they look.. ⅃L💕
Art... featuring my canvas, hey Nuri💕
oh! & my clients that brings me food I love y’all😩 lol
Boo... 👻🎃👀💕𝐋𝐮𝐱𝐮𝐫𝐲𝐋𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐬!
Fun Fact: Lashes makes life a little more easier.. ⅃L💕👻
We can do both.. ⅃L💕
Short natural Volume Lashes 9mm - 13mm C’s💕
Goodmorning from ⅃L💕Volume lashes are not only beautiful but they’re light, fluffy; non heavy on the eyes & stays healthy throughout refills! These little fans makes such a BIG difference & of course your lash tech does too!
Sorry we are booked until October 10th, they’re availability starting October 11th, thanks ladies see you soon💕
I’m Obsessed! *Drakes Voice* ⅃L💕
Quality over Everything, Hey Chantel🍏⅃L💕
Mega Volume ! Taking over the world one lash at a time....⅃L💕 (turn your phone to get the full affect🤩)
Introducing the New Sexy Mega Volume Set now Added To our services, Eyes so dreamy @bvbbless.. ⅃L💕 Ps. Sorry we are already booked for the first week of October !
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