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You wanna talk about giants? Kofi Annan was one. He was the first Black African to be appointed Secretary General of the United Nations and was a Nobel Peace Laureate. 80 years on this Earth and he made his mark. May he rest in power. ✊🏽
If we wanna keep it All Black Everything, we can scrap Adele. Add Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott and Brandy. And the amazing Cynthia Erivo. Someone on Twitter suggested Lauryn Hill. No one has time for the tribute not to happen til 2020 b/c we waiting on Lauryn. #SangForLife #FantasiaGottaBeThere
Queen Aretha of House Franklin. πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ First of Her Name. Dame of Detroit. Empress of Elevated Sound. Reverberation Royalty. Vocal Victor. Sovereign of Soul. Aural Authority. Your job is done. Rest with the stars. And SCATTER DEM at Heaven's next karaoke night. 🎀🎀🎀 #RestinPower #Respect #ArethaFranklin
In episode 4 of @jesusandjollof , me and @YvonneOrji chat about our breaking points and the seminal events that moved us from the grind to the glow. How can one have 36 cents in their bank account yet be fortunate enough to have a meeting with @Oprah ? Or turn a case of plagiarism into a New York Times Bestselling book? Oya go listen. Link in my bio. #JesusandJollof #BottomPot #2GoatQueens
It's inspiring to know visionaries and my girl @euniquejg is absolutely one. A year ago, @dreamvillagehq was just an idea so it is incredible to see it built out and the tour is here! Kicking off in DC next week, the #DreamVillage tour is going around the country to inspire people to see their visions come to life and I'll be on hand! Come get these gems from dope people who are living their dreams out loud. Register at Come thru, DC boos!
BCC is our friend. Let us use it. #BanReplyAll #InboxinShambles
Cuz adults can wear onesies too. #SummertimeChi
Hey boos! No filter, no foundation. Yall have been showing me a lot of love on my skin lately (thank you) so check the Skincare highlights in my profile for my routine. I'm not an expert. Just a gal with decent skin. #MelaninMagic #VitaminCSerumIsNecessary #SummertimeChi
Sooo you know season 3 of @InsecureHBO is upon us starting this Sunday, Aug 12. I'm back as the official recapper and will be bringing you the rundown from every episode like I have for the last 2 seasons. πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ visit after each ep to see my recaps. #RecapRoyalty #ImBack
It's #NationalBookLoversDay and I'm showing love to a book by this fierce woman I love, @ibtihajmuhammad. #ProudBook tells the story of how she became the first Muslim woman to compete for the United States in the Olympics while wearing a hijab. And our girl medaled, because her #NoirPixieDust is so real (and nothing and no one who tried to stop it could succeed). And now, she has her own Barbie!!! I read this book in 5 hours and I am so glad it exists. Ibtihaj is also my latest guest on @RantsandRandomness. We ended our convo talmbout skincare cuz we can't help it. Go buy this book for you and then buy a copy for the youngun in your life who needs to see what it looks like to stand up and stand out BECAUSE of what makes them different.
I took a quick hiatus from my work break to jump on the @adweek stage to keynote the Women in Media and Sports Summit. My talk was on speaking truth to power. Swipe to see clip of ONE point I hope people took away. #AdweekWIMS #WerkLuvv #ImJudgingYou
Shoutout to the #ChaseBizMobile , which has been going around the country to serve as a resource space for small business owners to come get social media strategy and business tips (#ad ). Yesterday was the Chicago stop and I was on hand. I think it's important to meet people where they are with info that's useful to their lives. That's what I try to do with my work online and on the ground. I always wanna help folks do better (my book is even the "Do-Better Manual"). To see if the @Chase BizMobile is coming to your city, go to πŸ–±
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