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Waking up from a little hibernation to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. May your hearts and bellies be full tonight. Share the joy with your special someone - after all #ittakestwototango . And speaking of two, our sweetheart tonight is just a little south of town, say hi to @lunchbox_alchemy_ca 👋#sugarsugar #twoforyoutwoforme #valentines
While it might indeed be #Shatterday , don’t PHOget about the fluffy, delicious alternative ✨🔥🤗🔥✨ #OurMuffinTopIsAllThat #PHO #PuffOurFluff #Yellowcake #ExtractionSatisfaction #PhoSho
It’s the 1st Friday of 2019, why not set it off proper? You earned it✔️#ExtractionSatisfaction ——————————————— Grape Valley Kush Sugar Wax 69.74% Total THC 83.88% Total Cannabinoids 8.67% Total Terpenes
Extract Packaging Manager @coleman159 wasn’t an English Major, but you’d never know it. #PerfectGrammer 🔥💪⚖️😉
Classic. Delicious. Effective. #Squibs for the win🙌. #FullSpectrum #CannabisEdibles #SquibSquad
✨Rise and shine, it’s 2019✨ Set your temps low and your goals high🙌. #NewYearNewTerps #DabbyNewYear #ExtractionSatisfaction #CannabisCommunity
Shrappy New Year from the Lunchbox Alchemy family! 2018 was one heckuva ride and we couldn’t have done it without your ongoing love, support and patronage🤗. Here’s to a fruitful, fantastic and #fullspectrum 2019✨#Grateful #CannabisCommunity #LunchboxLove #Shrapnel
When they said “a dab’ll do ya”, they didn’t understand that next level deliciousness often necessitates an immediate second helping. ✌️🤤👍🔥 #ExtractionSatisfaction #SugarWax #GrapeValleyKush #TerpTime
We pour our heart into our edibles, and hope you have just as much fun pouring them out! #ItsTangoTime #FullSpectrum #Organic #Vegan #AllNatural
A macaroon platoon looking pretty in pink and ready for the oven😍#FullSpectrum #CoconutMacaroons #WeBakeThemTheyBakeYou
🍊Blood Orange #Tangos , like their package partners (Green Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry and Key Lime) are #NaturallyFlavored , #vegan , crafted with #organic ingredients and most importantly, #FullSpectrum cannabis oil for that #FullSend 🙌 you’ve come to expect from Lunchbox Alchemy edibles. And if you haven’t heard the news, we’re happy to rebroadcast the fact that Tangos are now available in a 1:1 THC:CBD version! Try some today and see what combining cannabinoids can do for you✨💪✨ #TangoAndHash #YoLaTango #TartyAnimal #SourPower
Our cup truly runneth over this holiday season❤️🤗Thank goodness we’ve got all these extra jars!😉 #SugarWax #ExtractionSatisfaction #TerpenesYall
Why go to the trouble of packing up the ornaments for next year when you can just eat them instead and have the best night ever? #WinWin . Just be sure to save a few pieces for Aunt Judy, she’s clearly jonesing over there, and they fly back south tomorrow☝️👵🏽. #WhenYouAreThatOregonRelative . Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all us elves over at Santa’s #Squibshop .
Full Spectrum. Full Stocking. Full House. Full Heart✨🌈🤗❤️🎅✨ Happy Holidays from the Lunchbox Alchemy Family!
It’s here! Our 12th Dab of Christmas🎅💨and we’re finishing strong with one of our favorite runs of 2018: Blue City Diesel Shatter. We knew that things were going to get loud when @smithrockcannabisco showed up with the material, and indeed, the amazing aromas from the slabs lingered at Lunchbox HQ long after the grams made their way to dispensary shelves❤️👃❤️. For a high-res, mobile optimized download of this, and the other 11 images that made up our #12DabsOfChristmas wallpaper series, hit the link in our bio above and have a safe and happy holiday and a #terpy new year!
For the 11th Dab of Christmas we’re going #DessertFirst (don’t worry, we didn’t actually eat it) with this gorgeous Blackberry Cobbler #LiveResin , another result of our collaboration with the #TerpWranglers over at @phantom.farms. Cryogenically preserved immediately after removal from the plant (while still “live”), in order to maximize terpene retention, the colas were then rushed to Bend for immediate extraction. Not only does live resin taste and smell wonderful, but it’s amazing to look at, which is why we’ve chosen it for today’s downloadable #12thDabOfChristmas wallpaper, available to you at the click of the link in our bio at the top of our feed🤘🎅💨
It’s the 10th Dab of Christmas and we’re getting you up close and personal with another #macro #muffin #PHO shot. The amazing textures displayed above are just one of the many things we absolutely love about this variety of #hydrocarbon extract. From waxy chunks, to sinuous saps, to crumbly yellowcake, to porous and puffy seafoam, the looks and feels of PHO are endless. And don’t get us started on those #terps 😫🤤🙌. For a high-res, mobile ready download of this and all other #12DabsOfChristmas extract wallpapers, hit the link in our bio and check back daily at 7:10 until the 25th for new eye-candy😍🎅💨
It’s the 8th Dab Of Christmas✨ and we’re in the #Elfstone Zone, courtesy of our #FarmFriends over at @roganjamassive , who do their thing and do it well in the rich and magical soils of the Rogue Appellation of Southern Oregon. For a downloadable, mobile-ready version of this heady slab and our other #12DabsOfChristmas wallpapers, hit the link in our bio and stay tuned as we add a new shot each day at 7:10 until the 25th! Dabby Holidays from the Lunchbox Alchemy crew❤️
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