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NEW MERCH ALERT❗️ “THE BUSSY SLAYER” HAND CRAFTED LEATHER HORSE MASK - now available (link in bio) (first 20 people get FREE mask, just have to pay for shipping!!!!) 🧡 🖤 🧡 🖤 🚨serious post warning🚨 ever since last week, it has been a lifelong DREAM of mine to become a fashion designer!!! and now, after a few days of sweat and blood, that dream is a reality. thanks to the combined efforts of me and a small team of 30 european engineers who helped design and build these masks, no one else has to design stuff anymore cuz it’ll never get better than today. these masks mean EVERYTHING to me. being so influential to so many, i’ve been relentlessly hounded by my fans to make music, art, clothes, taxidermy and many other pursuits that take years and years to learn and craft but suddenly i think i can do it cuz im verified on an app on a phone. AND THANKS TO U GUYS, I DID IT!! so to anyone out there who is working LONG hours, who is putting their whole heart and soul into their work.... just keep going!!! unless ur not popular on the internet. cuz if so just give up lol i wanted to make a set of designer masks because as human beans, we wear masks EVERYDAY!!! to cover up who we really are. we wear masks at work (i think idk i haven’t been employed since 2012) we wear masks at church (again, idk, i’m banned from practicing religion) we wear masks when we see our grandmothers!! (but only so she doesn’t know it’s you stealing from her jewelry box to pawn her shit) what i’m trying to say is that society makes us wear masks so often, at least if u wear this masks u won’t look like a dumb bitch!! you look fresh as hell! anyways,,, thank u guys SOOOO MUCH for always supporting me!! and believing in me. without you, i could never have been able to pursue this amazing hobby that so many people have dedicated their whole life to doing but probably won’t cuz they are worthless vessels doomed for mediocrity. as always, love&&peace -luke😋
nothin better than a lazy sunday with a good book!!! #reading #literate #ripburtreynolds
sweet surprises🖤🖤
thank u @kanyewest for the new yeezy boosts!! they fit so well and are so durable. pre order is available today but these don’t drop until 2045!!! so #blessed #ad #sponsored #influencer #bussy
who wore it better? looking for honest answers pls!! #iamtheamericandream
what can i say about this man? he’s had my back since DAY ONE!!! he was there when i got my first kid choice award nomination. he was also there when i was robbed of my kids choice award by that hack dr*ke b*ll and cried into a pillow all night. being an extremely famous couple isn’t easy. there’s the scrutiny. the lies. the media twisting our words. ppl thinking we’re crazy!! but our love is never to be tainted. and the only thing that’s crazy is how much we love each other. dating the most talented actor and critically acclaimed performer to ever exist since the invention of the art isn’t easy. frankie takes his work very seriously, which can be hard on us both. but HE makes it worth it. the opposing schedules. the late nights. the early mornings. i wouldn’t be able to do it without him. to my dearest frankie ... keep shining my king. i love u to the moon and back!!!
me in the writers room coming up with new IG ideas
eatin good 🤭🤭 who wants some?
first day of freshman year🙈🙈 can’t believe i’m in high school already🤠 go bull dogs!!!
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