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“I will not hesitate to let either of you die. I can’t, Bc the universe depends on it.” -the biggest lie of all time. . F/21/Bi🏳️‍🌈 MyMiniMovie⬇️

S: *takes his clothes off, waiting for tony under the cozy blanket* Alright, Tony! I’m ready when you are! . T: *comes in* H-Hey! Handsome! You ready for this?! . S: *gets sick of tony repeating him* You heard me. . T: right i’m gonna take this off in 3..2..1.. . S: *waits* . T: *turns off his suit without stepping out,pretending he’s not in it* . S: *gets so pissed* F*ck this! I’m gonna project into my astral body! *goes there with his arms crossed* . T: *opens his mask* HONEY, I’M SORRY! I’ll take the suit off! Just come back from the astral plane please! *laughs* . S: *goes back&is still mad* . T: *takes his ironsuit and clothes off, joining steph* Are u ok? . S: i guess!! —— Thor: wizard, Wong told me you were at Tony’s last night. . S: you came to my place last night?? . Th: i needed your help.. . S: let me guess.... your brother? *sits down* . Th: *lifts his brows&sighs* . Clint: pffft. Did you and tony take your pants off last night tho? *laughs* . T: Hell ye- . S: No we didn’t. . T: No we didn’t. . S: . T: . Th: So? . T: so what? . Th: are you gonna standing there the whole meeting? Come here and sit with us, Tony. . T: I can’t my ass hurts. . S: *chokes on his magical coffee* *coughs* *coughs* . Th: you alright mate? . S: yeah. Don’t worry. *glares at tony when nobody’s looking* . T: *glances at stephen and realizes he shouldn’t have said that* . Clint: your ass what, tony? . T: *clears his throat* I-i have hemorrhoid. Clint: You sure it’s not bc u had a giant stuff in your iron ass last night? *laughs* . S: *helps tony convince everyone* No he didn’t. He does have an awful hemorrhoid. . C: oh.. i thought you two- . T: hooked up roughly? . S: *locks tony’s mouth with another glare* Nahhh.. i’m a doctor. I know hemorrhoid when i see one. . C: wait what? . S: what? . C: you said “i know hemorrhoid when i see one” did you actually look into his anus?? . T: *is afraid of worsening the situation* I think i need to go to the bathroom and check my hemorrhoid now.. *clears his throat, leaving stephen in an awkward situation alone* . S: *looks at everyone waiting for his explanation* I’m uhh- his personal doctor now.. *laughs awkwardly* . Credit: soybeanthebean
T: how many times did we win? . S: one.. . T: Stephen, He’ll kill half of the universe that might still hate me for what i’ve done so if it comes to saving me or the time stone, please do not hesitate to let me die. . S: Tony.. . T: Let me make this right, Stephen.. i don’t need them to forgive me but maybe this is the only chance for me to fix everything. I’m tired. . S: it’s too soon to talk about giving up, Tony. . T: it’s not giving up, it’s saving the universe. . S: *looks into tony’s eyes, cupping his face* look, maybe it’s selfish and they’ll probably hate me too but- . T: you’re not selfish. You’re not me. And i don’t want them to hate you too.. *smiles* So, promise me- . S: *sheds a tear* sorry, tony. But i- . T: *shakes his head no* you can’t.. Because the universe. depends. on it.. . S: *sheds a tear&hugs him close* . T: *pulls away* Promise me, Stephen. . S: *nods with tears* . T: say it. . S: i promise.. *sheds a tear* — S: *fights thanos together&tries his best to keep tony&the stone safe* . T: *gets stabbed&is about to be killed by thanos* . S: *breaks his promise bc the view breaks his heart* spare his life! I will give you the stone.. . T: NO!! Stephen! We’ve talked about this! . Th: No tricks? . S: *shakes his head* . T: YOU PROMISED!! . S: I’m sorry, Tony.. *floats the stone to thanos* . Th: *leaves* . T: why would you do that? *runs to stephen&pulls him into his arms,watering his shoulder with tears* . S: *pulls away* you’re crying. Please, don’t.. . T: but the universe- . S: *kisses him goodbye* you’re my universe. *sheds a tear, smiling* . T: No! N-no! *cries harder when stephen’s weak body is slowly erased by the air* Stephen, you’re my only strength.. If you leave me too- *sobs* . S: i can do nothing, but it doesn’t matter. Only this time.. tony.. *wipes tony’s tears away* Don’t give up for me. I believe in you because you’re the only hope in 14.000.605 futures. So, please.. believe me too.. . T: *sobs&hugs Stephen tight til stephen’s breath becomes air&his body is blown away by the cold wind that steals the warmth of his body away from tony’s arm* . S: Tony.. There was no other way.. . Credit: Monkey21fei
P: *plays with a magical sword* . S: Peter, stop playing with the sanctuary’s stuff! . P: uhh.. sorry.. . S: *grabs it&puts it back&leaves peter* DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ! . P: *sees flying hair in a transparent box*heyyyy, look at this buddy right here! *knocks the glass,smiling* . The Hair: *sees him as a new friend&flies up&down excitedly* . P: he has this in his sanctum!?this is so cool maan! I really feel like i’m at hogwarts now! . TH: *bruises the glass with its hair,showing it wants to get to know peter more* . P: ahhh, aren’t you sweet! *pats it by bruising the glass with his fingertip* . TH: *flies aggressively, showing it wants to play* . P: heyy, hey! Ssshhh- calm down! My dad’s boyfriend could see us! . TH: *calms down* . P: good girl. Good girl. *chuckles&knocks the glass gently* Do you wanna play? . TH: *flies up&down like it’s nodding* . P: *smiles* how do i get you out of this? . TH: *points at the small button next to the glass* . P: oh, how did i not see it? But you gotta promise me something. . TH: *flies closer* . P: don’t fly outside,okay? I once heard him spanking my dad in his room. I think he was punished 4being naughty2. . TH:*nods without hesitation* . P: alright, Let’s see.. *clicks the button&the glass suddenly opens itself* . TH: *flies up high* . P: HEY!*covers his mouth* *whispers* h-hey.. come back hereee . TH: *flies down&stops in front of peter’s face* . P: let’s play something. *puts his fingers on his chin, thinking*hmm... what should we play..? . TH: *shrugs* . P: how about hide&seek? Wait- i’ll never win this game with you. You’re too small. No offense btw. . TH: *turns around, offended* . P: hey, by small i meant c-cute.. *laughs nervously* . TH: *turns back around* . P: good girl..*smiles* okay, Now Put yourself over here. *points at under his nose* . TH: *sticks itself there* . P: *imitates his iron dad* i am ironman and i am not afraid of you! *laughs* . TH: *wiggles its edge* . P: as you can see, i’m totally the great spiderman now. Every great hero has a great facial hair, don’t you think? *twists its edge* . S: Peter, i told you no to play with the sanctuary stuff! *spanks his ass with levi* . Credit: LoveTheDaniel
I love how they added and compared the similarities between them. . I’ve just realized that the other similarity between them is that tony isn’t the only one who has experienced being stabbed with a sharp object. 🤧 . This video is just wonderful and i thought i’d love to share it with you! . Don’t ask me why i love them. I could spend days explaining it. 👻🤣 Maybe it’s just my type.🤷🏻‍♀️ . Enjoy this wonderful work by: Alexalker on YouTube ! . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #headcanon #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau Also, srry i barely touch dms today.🤧 Have a wonderful day/evening to all of you! 🤧🖤
T: *stops by at the sanctum while missing stephen* *knocks on the door and magically shows up in the living room* . S: miss me? *smirks* . T: just as much as you do. *kisses him, smirking back* . S: *makes some kissing noise with Tony before breaking it off with a deep chuckle after getting his lower lip sexily bit by tony* . T: i used to love being alone at home. . S: because you could play with all your toys without being bothered? . T: yes... but then you offered me to stay the night when i had no one else to come to.. . S: you can always come to me, Tony. And that night was still one of the best nights in my life. *giggles* it was special because i finally got to spend it with you. . T: now every night feels special to you then? *smirks* . S: it surely does. *laughs* . T: i kinda started to realize that my house is like my own grave. Nobody would visit it. . S: No wonder why. . T: excuse me, wizard!?? . S: i wouldn’t visit your grave either. . T: *is about to cry* why!?? . S: *notices it&laughs* because.. Tony Stark, as long as i’m alive, you would never ever be dead. I won’t let you. . T: oh- *blushes because stephen always knows how to say i love you in many different ways* you know what? I always thought that the sanctuary was a weird place. . S: and now? . T: well it has a homelike feel. *grabs stephen’s hand* . S: why? *smirks* . T: because you are in it. *presses his lips against stephen’s 1more time* . S: *overcrowds the room with the sound of their groans&lips* . T: *starts to lose control&lowers the kiss* . S: *gets weak and lets tony take the lead* . W: CAN’T YOU2 JUST GET MARRIED NOW!? *gets sick of accidentally finding them about to widen each other’s asses all the time* . T: *stops&rolls his eyes* . S: sorry wong i thought you were at walmart.. . Credit: LoveTheDaniel . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #headcanon #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau
S: tony, sometimes i get worried if peter gets bullied at school for having gay parents like us. . T: it’s 2018, stephen. Being gay is normal. . S: still, there are some homophobias out there who might try to hurt his feelings. . T: there’s no such thing as homophobias. They’re not scared. they’re assholes. Plus, if those assholes dare to mess with our son, i’mma give their homophobic ass a life lesson. . S: so will i, but.. some people must think we’re weird. . T: screw them. We don’t need everyone to love us. Just a few good people. To me, you and peter are enough. . S: how about your big reputation? . T: honey, Who needs the big reputation when i can own your big- . S: *clears his throat, glancing awkwardly at peter standing near them* . T: -heart. your big heart. . S: *smiles* you sure you don’t mind getting your big reputation f*cked up for being married to me? *wrinkles his brows* . T: we’re a family, stephen.... a really weird one. But i still want to be with you! *cups stephen’s face and kisses him in his tux* . S: *gets his tongue lost in tony’s mouth&forgets the world for a little while* . Girl: i’m sorry, flash. but what the hell are we watching? . Boy: a show. A gay live show. . G: suddenly, i feel like i’m at the gay wedding now. I mean look at their clothes. . B: should we call the priest now? . P: *folds his hands together while gazing them with a proud smile on his face* ahhhh.. they’re better than romeo and juliet to me. . B&G: *overhears peter and glances weirdly at him* . G: *whispers* are they peter’s parents??? . B: now we know why peter doesn’t have a girlfriend.. . P: *sees them staring at him and thinks they’re jealous* yes! They’re my dads! *tell it to them proudly* . B to G: let’s just go home.. . Credit: loveTheDaniel . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #headcanon #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau
Lmao i forgot that ig worsens the the resolution 🤣 i shouldn’t have used the glitching effects 😝 “Come over here. I wrote this for you.” . -Stephen to Tony. . Song: can’t keep it inside by Benedict Cumberbatch . Here is an ironstrange video dt my lil bb dora @stxarkstrange who is still sick.🤧 Get well soon bb🖤 . I’m sorry if it’s crappy tho. i ain’t an editor but hey! I made this one for you! 🤧🖤 i hope it’ll make you feel better (and not worse😹)ily😚 . I forgot to change the canvas so i can’t fit here🤣🤧 Well it still fits on youtube tho😂👻 . Vid manips credit: mau don tu (the name is in thai i think. I’ve uploaded this to u2b and linked the manips’ source on my u2b if you can’t find their channel. Check out my u2b desc🤧) . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #headcanon #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau
W: so are you and tony still friends ? . S: kind of. . W: sorry my plan didn’t work well. . S: it’s okay, wong. At least you tried. Thanks. . W: but i heard peter couldn’t find the marriage form that was supposed to be signed by tony. . S: n-no way!?? *covers his lying mouth nervously* . W: yeah, strangely, i found it in your room. . S: *laughs awkwardly* th- that’s i-impossibl- wait, you checked my bed!?? . W: where else should i look for it!? The soul stone!? . S: that’s my privacy, wong! . W: f*ck privacy! I FOUND THE FORM! WITH TONY STARK’S SIGN ON IT! . S: m-maybe he did sign it and peter accidentally left it there when he came over. . W: HE WOULDN’T DARE TO PLAY IN YOUR BEDROOM STEPHEN! . S: k-kids are naughty sometimes.. They do the unimaginable things that adults don’t.*shrugs* . W: then explain me why you went on a trip to France with Tony last week! . S: h-how did you know that?? . W: So that was true that you 2 went on a secret trip together. . S: *blushes* . W: I saw it on instagram. . S: you have instagram!? . W: no but that spider kid does. . S: so you guys were gossiping us??? What the hell are you!? The highschool cheerleaders!? . W: well you didn’t tell me anything about it! . S: bc there was nothing to tell you wong! we were on a mission! . W: what mission was it!? Getting him pregnant after getting secretly married to him!!?! . S: what the heck are you talking about!?? . W: so why wasn’t i invited to your wedding stephen? . S: i’m not married to him, wong! . T: *comes in* stephen honey! . S: *looks at tony, smiling like an idiot* . T: you forgot your lunch. *hands stephen his lunch&gives him a light kiss on his cheek with a smile that brightens up his whole day* . W, internally: *narrows his eyes while watching them acting like a happy married couple who’s just got home from their honeymoon in France* why tf is this b*tch always lyin to me!? What did i do to deserve this!? . T: stay safe! I’ll see you at home! *waves at stephen while leaving* . S&levi: *waves back before tony walks outta the sanctum* . W: *clears his throat* not married huh ? . S: *blushes&doesn’t wanna show his red cheeks* Shut up. . Credit: @hannycho12
S: wong, i think i’m crazy. . W: you thought you weren’t? . S: i’m not joking, wong. There has to be Something wrong with me. . W: neither am i. i always think you are crazy. But i’d love to know what finally opened your eyes. . S: do you ever smile or laugh for no reason when you think of someone? . W: *laughs* . S: wong, you’re not helping me! . W: *keeps laughing hysterically, holding his stomach, telling stephen to wait with his other hand* . S: *sighs* i hope you die of laughter. *leaves* . W: wait. *finally manages to talk* Stephen, you’re not crazy. You’re in love. . S: *stops* i’m what?? *turns around* . W: *shakes his head, chuckling* you were talking about that billionaire, weren’t you? . S: N-No, I wasn’t!*blushes* Why would i be talking about Tony!?? . W: i didn’t even mention his name yet it popped up in your head. *smirks* . S: who else could it f*cking be!? . W: *grabs his shoulder* It’s alright. I can help. . S: wh- what are you gonna do??? . W: you’ll see. *smirks* . S: wong, i swear to god if y- . W: sssssshhhh. — W: *goes to pete’s room with a portal* are you busy, spiderling? . P: wong!! *grins* Did you come here to teach me magic!??? . W: *rolls his eyes&whispers him sth* deal? . P: *nods repeatedly without hesitation,grinning* deal! 🤝 —— P: Mr. Stark, could you please sign this permission form? . T: *grabs the paper* alright, but shouldn’t may be doing this? . P:y-yeah but she’s not home.*sweats,hoping he won’t read it* . T: aight. *reads it thoroughly* . P: *is sweating a lot& about to shit himself* . T: *realizes sth wrong* Peter, this is a marriage registration form. . P, internally: shitshitshiit. HE’S GONNA KILL ME. . T: With stephen’s name on it. 🤨*blushes* . P: *slowly turns around to save his life* . T: *turns to peter&sees him escape from his responsibility* PETER WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU GOING???? COME BACK HERE!!! —- W: *hands stephen a paper* Sign this. . S: *reads it &blushes* Wong, this is- . W: just sign it! I got everything else covered. *crosses his arms* —- W: where’s the paper? . P: i’ll try harder.. . W: what!? you said you’d calculate it!? . P: well, my math grades have been falling lately.. *frowns* . Credit: @hannycho12
C: people say you and tony are dating. Is that true? . S: yes, it is. . C: i bet he’s blind. . S: oh, he was. Until he broke up with you and upgraded his boyfriend level. . C: your look is nothing compared to mine! . S: bitch, please. Do i need to take you to the mirror dimension? . C: is it like the modern 4 Dimension theatre? . S: *sighs in disappointment* basically it’s just a dimension with lots and lots of mirrors in it. So that you can see every angle of the flaws that you can’t find in me. . C: you don’t even have steady hands!! . S: at least my heart is steady enough for tony. . C: i wonder what tony sees in you. . S: everything he doesn’t see in you. . Cap: big wizard in a magic cloak. Take that off. What are you? . S: still a wizard tho. Wtf is the point of your question? Oh- You mean like- when i’m naked? I’m the wizard who f*cks your ex then. usually. Most of the times. Actually. . C: *clenches his hand and teeth, turns around in anger and walks away* . S: hey! Where are you going??? Wasn’t that the answer you were looking for?? *cups his hands when cap is too far away* DO YOU WANT THE DETAILS ??? Is that what you were asking??? *laughs* . T: *clears his throat* the details of what? . S: *coughs* wh- what?? N-Nothing. *coughs* *coughs* i- uhh- gotta go. *walks away* . Credit: @yiselcoffee . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #headcanon #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau
T: *hugs stephen tight to finally feel his warmth again although the heat isn’t actually there* i needed this. *cries in stephen’s arms* . S: *sheds another tear, pulling away&knowing this isn’t right* Tony, i can still hear your heartbeat. You can’t be here. . T: where’s everybody else? *sobs* . S: they’re trapped in the soul stone. With my actual body. *wipes tony’s tears* . T: you’re not dead?? . S: nobody is. This isn’t what i meant when i predicted we’d meet again, Tony.. . T: how will we do that then?? . S: you will get us out. . T: me?? How can a failure like m- . S: YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!! Quit calling yourself that bullshit! . T: that’s what may sa- . S: i know. I heard everything. I heard you too.. . T: you did?? *frowns* . S: i was there listening to you. You’re our only chance, Tony.. Now please take my hand and close your eyes. . T: what for? . S: i need a bit of your strength to use my magic here. Please? . T: *does as he says* . S: *opens his eyes a few mins later and smiles at tony who’s still keeping his eyes shut* *kisses his lips to let him know it’s done and pulls away a few seconds later* . T: what did you do, wizard? . S: i still miss you, but you can’t. stay. Here. *cups his face* . T: *grabs stephen’s hand* No wizard please let m- . S: this isn’t goodbye, tony. Goodluck. *smiles&disappears* —— T: *wakes up in a hospital* May...? . M: *wakes up from her nap* Tony! *hugs him* i’m sorry.. i’m sorry for everything i said. I saw our picture and realized i wasn’t being myself. I phoned you a few times but you didn’t answer so i came over because i was worried. And i saw you on the floor- and- I’m sorry- and- . T: it’s fine, May. I knew you didn’t mean it. *smiles* . M: Bruce told me there’s still a chance. . T: *smiles* i hope so.. —— *5 years later* S: Tony.... *smiles* . T: *turns around,smiling back at the man who owns his whole heart* Wizard- . S: *cups tony’s face& interrupts him with a passionate kiss they both waited for so long&breaks it off with a smile* thank you. . T, speechless: *smiles back* . P: MR STARK!! . T: *turns around&gets hugged so tight by the boy whom he considers as a son* Hey, kid.. *smiles* . Credit: astralaberration
May: *opens her front door after hearing a knock* Oh, Tony! You’re alive! *hugs him tight and pulls away* I heard the news! Everyone thought you were dead! *smiles in tears* I knew that was bullshit! also, i saw some people disappear to the air today- and *the smile turns into a worry face* and peter- peter- he was on this trip and he hasn’t picked up his phone since the last time he called me. I worried. *wipes her tear* but now that you’re here, i think you can help me find him, can’t you?? *sobs* . T: *tries so hard not to shed a tear before he explains everything and isn’t really sure where to start* the snap was caused by me. . M: what snap? . T: y’know. People turning into dust today. It was caused by the snap from a monster named Thanos thinking it was a good idea to wipe half population of the universe. And i- it.. uhh- it was caused by me. . M: did you piss him off? . T: a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, I did. And then.. i got stabbed in the stomach and uhh- . M: oh my god. Tony, are you okay?? *takes a look at his stomach a bit* . T: yeah, yeah. I’m alright. Wong healed me. . M: it’s not so weird to make friends with wizards after all, isn’t it..? *gives him a warm smile* . T: yeah. *smiles and really doesn’t wanna continue the conversation* . M: so how about the snap? . T: Stephen made a deal. He gave the monster one of the stones he needed for the snap just to save my life. . M: he’s such a romantic. *smiles* where’s he now? . T: he became like one of those people you saw today.. *is still holding back his tears* . M: oh, tony.. *covers her mouth* i’m sorry. *hugs him* . T: *secretly wipes his tear* And peter wasn’t on his trip today. . M: *pulls away* You saw him? . T: he was with me on that planet. . M: WHAT DO YOU MEAN!? Where’s he now??! . T: *can’t handle his tears anymore* . M: NO, HE’S NOT DE- . T: *sobs* i’m sorry, May.. . M: *starts crying* YOU!? Out of all people!? . T: i didn’t know he- . — Okay i’ll stop right there bc there wasn’t enough space here and 🤧 Uhh.. you’re not gonna like what may will say after this :( I’m sorry. :( This isn’t that sad tho but if you don’t plan on being a little sad today, stop reading.😐 . Credit: @koglamogla
. S: tony... . T: hmm..? . S: *whispers at tony’s ear* That was marvelous. . T: *smiles* Mmmhm. *is too sleepy to respond* . S: *falls asleep next to tony* . T: *gets a nightmare a couple of hours later, groaning* . S: *wakes up* Tony...? *grabs tony’s arm gently* Sshhh.. hey..? *whispers* . T: *wakes up, gasping and panting* . S: hey, i’m here. it’s alright. I’m here. Another nightmare? . T: *nods, panting* . S: Now take a deep breath. . T: *inhales deeply* . S: And let it out. Easy. . T: *inhales slowly* . S: do it again. . T: *inhales&exhales for a few more times* . S: that’s right. Breathe. Just breathe. *rubs his back* Here have some drink. *hands him a glass of water outta nowhere* . T: *drinks it* . S: better? . T: *nods as his heart starts beating normally* . S: do you wanna talk about it? . T: that was terrifying. . S: what happened? . T: we were on a different planet, fighting against a purple monster trying to wipe half of the universe named Thanos. . S: i bet that monster had no idea who he was dealing with. *chuckles* . T: no.. we lost. I lost everyone. I-i lost peter, and you- and it felt so real.. . S: sssh.. Tony, it’s not real. As long as my lungs work perfectly fine, your nightmares will stay nightmares. You have my words. Now go back to sleep. I’m not going anywhere. . T: i can’t.. . S: well i’m not a good singer but i can sing you a lullaby if you want. . T: you sure? . S: uhh-huh. . T: i bet you’re gonna have to sing till the sun rises on us again cuz it’ll just keep me awake, wizard. *laughs* . S: let’s see. *smirks and starts singing “can’t keep it inside” for Tony* . T: see? It’s terrible. I’m not even sleepy. . S: *strokes tony’s hair* *keeps singing and secretly casts a spell on him* . T: *yawns* you must be cheating again. . S: *chuckles while singing* . T: you- *yawns&falls back into a deep sleep* . S: *snuggles from behind, talking to tony while he’s sleeping because that’s the only time he would actually listen* at least it was better than your sleeping pills, tony.. I Love you. *kisses tony’s nape* Good night. *falls asleep hugging him* . Credit: astralaberration
[MANIP AUDIO] This is probably how “stephen calming tony down” sounds like when tony’s anxiety attacks, and which is why i think this is the healthiest ship for tony to me 🖤🙈 . Situation(Prompt): -it was Stephen’s first week of moving in after getting on a mission together with Tony. -Stephen was meditating while the tv show ‘friends’ was on [so if you hear any noises of the audiences just think it’s from the tv ok 😹 i couldn’t edit it out🤧 i wanted to use james arthur’s promise to cover it up but i changed my mind] -Tony was working on something at his lab. -Stephen went to the lab to see how tony was doing but then he found him re-watching the news of the mess he made in Sokovia. -Stephen cleared his throat as the starter of the conversation and tony paused the news before explaining everything. . I acually wanted to make a video edit or another mini movie using this audio bc ben was using his american accent in this and sounded like stephen but heck i think i wouldn’t be able to do that anytime soon due to my thesis defense that i’ll face🤧😭 So, i’ll just leave this audio right here if you find this useful, go use it but please credit me if you don’t mind. ☺️ . If you want to use/hear the original (full version)ben’s audio of this, the channel you’re looking for is “Letters Live” on YouTube. I’ll probably upload this on youtube too lol 👻 . @robertdowneyjr @tomholland2013 @zendaya @lifeisaloha @wongrel @renner4real @twhiddleston @jimmy_rich #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #anxiety #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau
S: *opens the door for tony when he’s just back from work and gives him a blindfold* . T: thanks, wizard. I needed this. *wipes it all over his face and neck* . S: it was meant for your eyes. . T: but my eyes aren’t sweating?? . S: *shakes his head* Why do people think you’re a genius? *rolls his eyes* Close your eyes. *blindfolds tony’s eyes with it, and kisses his forehead* . T: wow, is this our new kink now? *laughs, ruining the romance* What’s the next step? Are you gonna spank my ass? *realizes he’s the only one laughing a few seconds later and starts questioning if he should regret the laugh* No? . S: *sighs and leads him to the dinning table* Okay, you can take it off now. . T: *starts undoing his belt* . S: *screams* THE BLINDFOLD, NOT YOUR PANTS, TONY! . T: *gets surprised* HOLY f*ck me in the ass with no vaseline!- *covers his dirty mouth immediately* You don’t need to scream at me like that wizard!! Your voice is deep enough i could see adele rolling in it. . S: JUST TAKE THE BLINDFOLD OFF! . T: *does it and puts on a giant smile on his face like a happy hungry kid when he sees the covered food on the dining table* Wow, wizard! You did this for me?? . S: yeah, i did it for you. *smiles and holds a chair for tony* . T: *sits down, blushing* . S: *sits across from tony,locking his hands together and resting his chin on it* Now open it. . T: yasss! *opens it, hoping to see his fav food* . S: *smiles, hoping tony would like it. . T: *is too hungry to focus* . S: . T: . S: do you like it? . T: wizard, is this a magic trick or did you forget to cook my food because i don’t see any food right here. . S: *exhales deeply* yes. What do you see? . T: a beautiful little love-shaped dark-blue ring bo- A F*CKING BEAUTIFUL LITTLE F*CKING LOVESHAPED DARKBLUE RING BOX- WIZARD- . S: *nods* . T: ARE YOU- . S: *nods* yes.. Marry me? *smiles* . T: *grins* YES!! *grabs the box and opens it* Wait, i think someone stole it!?? . S: *grabs tony’s hand to show his ring finger* And now i’ve found the thief. *kisses his hand and looks up at him, smiling* *winks* . T: *blushes* . Credit: @yiselcoffee
T: are you sure it was him, wizard? . S: yes, tony. I’m not blind. I’m sure i didn’t see a giant teenage spider trying to glue back a big wrecked titanic into one with their spider web in their elastic swimsuit! . T: Shit. May told me he was just chilling and watching Glee like 20 minutes ago. I’ll talk to that kid. Don’t forget your lunch, babe. *hangs up* —- T: *tracks peter* *arrives&starts singing* peter!~ peter!🎶 . P: *turns around, sees his mentor get outta the ironsuit singing* *joins him* yes, mr stark!🎶 *smiles widely like he didn’t f*ck up* . T: being in danger?🎶 *points at him, winking, and giving him a chance to tell the truth* . P: *confidently shakes his head no* No, mr stark!🎶 . T: telling lies...?🎶 *gives him another chance* . P: No, Mr Stark!🎶 *totally has no idea that Mr stark knows he f*cked up* . T: *feels sick of peter’s lies* *stops singing* *glares horrifyingly at him* GIVE ME BACK THE SUIT. . P: *freezes, sweating and recalling the things he’s done* AH- . —- S: *texts tony after awhile* Did you take the suit back? . T: i did. . S: good move, Tony. It would’ve ended differently if i hadn’t known he was trying to be a hero like you. . T: thanks, wizard. But he cried after i took the suit. . S: at least he learned a lesson today. . T: i didn’t think he learned anything. . S: what do you mean? . T: i was gonna keep the suit but then he attacked me with that ugly crying look. . S: NO YOU DIDN’T . T: yes i did :( . S: he’s not a kid anymore, tony! He must have just been faking it! . T: he looked so ugly and sad i couldn’t help it. :( . S: he almost got himself killed, tony! What the hell were you thinking!?! Go get it back! . T: but :( . S: NOW tony. —- T: hey, kid. . P: do you wanna sing again Mr Stark? . T: no, i think i still need the suit- . P: *starts ugly crying again* . T: hey.. hey. Don’t cry, okay? It’s alright you can keep it. Want some pizza? . P: *nods with his fake tears running down his ugly face* — S: *text* did you get the suit? . T: yep. Easy peasy. . S: Then explain this. *sends a pic of them eating pizza on the rooftop* . T: well, yelling makes you hungry too sometimes y’know.. :( . Credit: LoveTheDaniel
HERE LET ME GIVE YOU ANOTHER REASON TO FALL FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL SHIP A LITTLE BIT DEEPER BISH. BLESS YOUR TIMELINE WITH THIS CUTE ANIMATION that made me melt like Cadbury.🌚 I LOVED THIS.🤧🖤 . That ‘ugly crying’ part had me dead btw😹🤧😹 poor rhodey and wong.😂 . Credit: Leaf Draws on Youtube. . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #headcanon #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau @robertdowneyjr
[DELETED SOON] When disney interferes marvel too much👻 jkjk i love this song and its movie🤣 . I haven’t got the perfect idea of what to do with these clips🌚 . I aint gonna use this audio & effect if i’ve found the idea tho🤔 . Not even sure if i’ll ever finish doing something with this🤷🏻‍♀️ . Should i? But the time to do it?? Ugh. 🤦‍♀️ . The manips don’t belong to me btw. I only edited it a little bit and made it a little longer(so don’t ask me how to do it because idek.😹🤷🏻‍♀️) . Source: youtube. (I’ll share it when it’s done🙇‍♀️ “If” it’s ever done tho lmaoo.🤷🏻‍♀️😹) . I used this temporary audio cuz my bb @stxarkstrange loves the movie🤣 . #Drstrange #tonystark #ironman #ironstrange #ironstrangeedit #marvel #sherlock #sherlockholmes #gay #spiderman #peterparker #stephenstrange #marvelart #doctorstrange #benedictcumberbatch #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #incorrectquotes #mcu #avengers #infinitywar #ironstrangefanart #headcanon #fanfiction #ironstrangeAU #marvelau #thegreatestshowman #disney #amilliondreams
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