This dude was staring me down when I got my night stand electronic charging station, so I flipped him over, set a bunch of stuff on his back and posted a Rebel pilot to protect me.
Long day time to go home.
Helping set up Freedom’s classroom. #lastweekblues #summerending
Have you ever been in your own house and get that creepy feeling like you are being watched? #pareidolia #iseefaceseverywhere
Steering wheel burn was legit. Just popped today.
Good breakfast this morning? #sleeplate
That is my palm. Steering wheels be hot. Careful y’all.
I thought 404 was not found....🤔
I thought only mess with your computer. She keeps trying to sit up and stay awake, but she is falling asleep just sitting.
Took this class with Ray. www.comedydriving.com I hope he gets his $5 bonus for this post. Follow all driving laws kids. #comedydriving .com #houstondefensivedriving #comedydriving #houston
Noticed this dude on the bottom of my new cycle shoes. Trying clips. #pareidolia #iseefaces
Don’t have a post-it note? Not a problem write on top of your laptop. Minor #techsupportgore
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