loki ragnarocks ;)

i just really love loki “what more could i lose?”

all this info on the show is killing me
what if he loses his eye because of mar-vell?? or it could be so many other people but still
he’s not wrong
OH MY GOD IM FREAKING OUT Edit: if they’re getting their own tv show that means they’re probably not going to be in the future movies...?
it looks so good
i’m going to name superhero trios and duos below and you can like your favs
yes, i know this isn’t marvel, but this is really important.
i’m really slap happy rn and laughing at absolutely everything but i also feel exhausted whoop
catch me getting hyped
i love all the members of thot nation very much and you all make my day brighter💕
i love this theory
i found christmas stuff in the store yesterday. it’s september wyd??
tom has legs for days
emo greasers and their fav holiday 😪
i hate that my reaction to this was “lol as if” and then i zoomed in on the photo anyways
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