Elizabeth Gillies

Dynasty airs Friday nights at 8 on The CW 🥂

🕊 💋
“Somewhere That’s Green” duet which isn’t a thing but we made it one. Love you, dingus. @arianagrande
Can’t wait to be 75 years old & sharing a dressing room on Broadway again.
Thank you for letting me scream the first half of this song in your face for 10 years ✨
The Bitch in Blue will see you now.
May your Valentine be as dapper as Anders.
That’s why her shoulders are so big. They’re full of secrets.
I lied & told her we were both in focus.
I miss eating in Paris.
My first photo in 2 years without a border. Wish me luck on this potentially regrettable new chapter.
Very in love with this dress.
I think we should take this show on the road, Troops. ✨Also, please note the 5 seconds of choreography during the second chorus that @iamwakeema and I prepared while shooting this. We’re very proud of it.
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