Lizard Island

Lizard Island is in the very heart of the Great Barrier Reef with 24 powdery-white beaches and 40 luxurious suites. #likenowhereelse

For stunning panoramic views of the island and the jewels that surround it, follow the track that Captain James Cook hiked to get an understanding of how to navigate the Endeavour back into open waters... #greatbarrierreef #likenowhereelse
Feather stars are filter-feeding echinoderms that are relatives of sea stars and sea urchins. They are a common and fantastic sight on the Great Barrier Reef. 📸: @carly_jb / #likenowhereelse #exploretnq
Now you can make your stay that little bit more incredible with an overnight stay on M.V. Fascination. You will be treated to a snorkel session, a gourmet seafood and BBQ dinner, and comfortable rooms with luxurious resort amenities. A friendly and qualified staff member will be on hand at all times. #likenowhereelse #exploretnq
We understand that dining can create memorable holiday moments. Compliments to our Chefs who create exceptional meals with plenty of options tailored to your liking using only the best quality produce from the local surroundings leaving our guests wanting more. #likenowhereelse #exploretnq
Reconnect with a little bit of adventure on a paddleboard through the blissful tropical Queensland waters in one of the most romantic settings. #likenowhereelse #exploretnq #seeaustralia
For a dazzling experience, enjoy a Private Sunset Cruise and Dinner on board M.V.Fascination. As the sun sets sip on the finest Champagne and dine on incredible locally sourced seafood as the stars come to light. #likenowhereelse
'Fascination III', or Fasci as she is referred to by the staff on the island, is our 51ft Riviera Platinum Model Flybridge Cruiser with a cruise speed of 20 knots and a capacity for just 10 passengers. You can elevate your Lizard Island experience with an unforgettable private fishing, snorkelling and diving trip on Fasci that includes some delightful meal options. #luxurylodgesofaustralia #likenowhereelse
Learn about the fascinating animals and plants that call Lizard Island and the Great Barrier Reef home with the Lizard Island Field Guide app. Visit our website and install it before your stay to understand what you may encounter... 📸: @yolo_travel_dna #seeaustralia #exploretnq #likenowhereelse
Lizard Island is plentiful of incredible beaches that you can whisk your partner away to, where you won't see a single soul and can take the time to admire nature in all its glory. #seeaustralia #exploretnq #likenowhereelse
You and your loved one deserve a romantic getaway to a place where the vibe is harmonious and you can enjoy the finer things in life from Champagne, gourmet strawberries dipped in chocolate, spa treatments and private beach dining experiences... #seeaustralia #exploretnq #likenowhereelse
"Fantastic to see the juvenile Acroporid corals at Watson's Bay on Lizard Island have continued to increase in size and number since our last visit 12 months ago." 📸 @coralseafoundation  #likenowhereelse #exploretnq #natgeo
If you didn't think a day in paradise could get any more wonderful, complete it at sundown on Sunset Beach. As the sun turns into a bold orange and dips behind the Coral Sea horizon, you will come away feeling fortunate. #likenowhereelse #exploretnq
Sea anemone provide the perfect home to many fish species. These sweet Clownfish are also known as anemonefish because of the unique relationship that they have developed with their home, sea anemones 📸: @carly_jb #seeaustralia #exploretnq #likenowhereelse
There is no need to hibernate by the fire during winter on Lizard Island where the air is always warm, and the sun shines onto the open blue ocean, calling you to venture out with a kayak #seeaustralia #luxurylodgesofaustralia  #likenowhereelse
Facing tropical palms and a pristine beach, our spacious Beachfront Suites are embellished with contemporary five-star necessities for you to relax in ultimate comfort after a day exploring the #GreatBarrierReef #exploretnq #seeaustralia
One of the best ways you can appreciate the diverse #GreatBarrierReef ecosystem is to see it up close and not make direct contact with it. Spend a morning snorkelling or diving with our responsible guides to gain a better understanding of why conserving the reef is so essential 📸: @jarrodscott @christian_miller_photo @damianbennettphoto #exploretnq #seeaustralia
What a remarkable sighting! The passionate Great Barrier Reef advocate, @jarrodscott free diving to investigate the precious outer reef while meeting friendly Codfish 📸: @jarrodscott @christian_miller_photo @damianbennettphoto #uniteforthereef #natgeo
In partnership with Lizard Island, ambassador for Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef Jarrod Scott, is on a quest to redesign his life by making simple steps to improving the ocean and environment. Follow his journey... @jarrodscott @citizensgbr #uniteforthereef
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