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✌🏼For brighter days. I’m so proud of you @laurendevereux. @fordaysfordays
✨When I wear a suit, I can do anything. My suit is a vessel of courage and strength. It’s my armor every time I get on stage to share my struggles with mental health and journey with @halfthestory. When I’m feeling down, I put on a power suit and heels and walk down the block even if I have nowhere to be. Last night I attended my ONLY fashion week event of the season. I was surrounded by women who were fighting for something that they believe in We talked about the wins, the losses, and the emotions that drive our passionate forces. To me, that’s what life is about. Everything else is just background noise. Thank you @suistudio for a magical evening. ✨
🤓 The only fashion week event I will be attending is a boss ladies dinner with @suistudio.
🙅🏻‍♀️ I don’t play by the rules. White on White is happening.
🌊 Tbh I couldn’t get the shot and then @christiandupree came to the rescue. @summersalt #gosummersalt
🏝 ~Staycation mode~
~ got my hair did 💇🏻‍♀️ ~
~ taking a break ~
🙈 Still pinching myself. Thank you @fordhamuniversity for your open minds and hearts today. Mental health matters. @halfthestory
✌🏼Running around prepping for a big week ahead. I’m speaking to my largest audience yet @fordhamuniversity on Tuesday. @halfthestory is leading the wellness section for freshman orientation. I CAN’T WAIT! 😎
🙏🏻 It’s amazing what happens when you bring social media connections IRL. Thank you for an inspiring night of stories and for @theresemiu for filling the room with kindness and authenticity. I feel fulfilled and truly inspired by the energy in this city. It’s sounds crazy, but with hustle, heart, and the right people around you, a purposeful life will follow. Keep fighting for what you love.
Haven’t posted a gram in over a week because the process is painful and I’m busy living my REAL life. Swipe for reality 😂👉🏼
💕 Happy birthday to my angel @christiandupree
🧠 🍌✌🏼Today I learned about mental health in China, had a dance party and meeting simultaneously at @wholefoods , and attended 5 meetings. @halfthestory is going global and I’m stoked. This week has been a roller coaster, but today has been nothing but good vibes. Xx
😎 👟Sundays are the new Monday. On the go today with @halfthestory. Ph @maur.velous
✨💅🏻 Support your local ladies @chillhouse
🙏🏻 When a low-ish week ends on a high note. Thank you @marshdunn , you are a sensational human being. I can’t WAIT to share this podcast. @halfthestory
✨🧠When your smallest friend has the biggest brainz.~ I met @biancarocksout when SGPR was a 1/4 of the size. ⏩ 7 years and she’s kicking @$$ on both coasts AND changing the future of mental health in the process. I love you.
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