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Come along with me and my family on our adventures in living small, traveling, and living the dream in the beautiful PNW! 🏡🌧☔️🏔

Cuddle vibes. Is there anything cuter than cat toes? That was a rhetorical question. There is nothing cuter than cat toes. 🍁 This week has been a slower one. I (Alexis) came back from our glorious anniversary weekend with quite a nasty cold. So I’ve been nursing my germy body back to health the last few days 🤧😷. 🍁 I also went to my graduate school orientation on Monday and got properly terrified for this journey I’m about to embark on. Any back to school people out there? Raise your hand 🙋🏻‍♀️. 🍁 Also, if anyone has any advice for work/life/school/health/fun balancing, I’m all ears. Please, leave me your sage wisdom in a comment below!
For our five year anniversary we visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon! We stayed at an amazing Air Bnb about an hour away in Albany. 🐠 Alexis has wanderlust like you wouldn’t believe, and being around her has made me feel the itch of travel as well. Every so often we have to take little trips like this in order to keep our sanity to get through the mundane work weeks. 🐠 Of course we would like to go on more glamorous explorations but when you’re on the debt free journey, you take what you can afford. We have chosen the path of temporary deprivation of extravagant vacations to be able to fully live and travel once we are free of debt. 🐠 This trip was awesome, and we love going to familiar areas but seeing new things. It’s a nice reminder of the awesome beauty that is closer than you might think!
This is what happens when Brian isn’t home. Shhhh don’t tell. #cuddlepuddle 🐶🐱🐯
Sometimes on rainy days, you just need to stay inside and bake cookies! Or in this case, Alexis bakes cookies and I eat them. 🍪 Some people think tiny houses are fancy sheds that you sleep in. But in our experience, tiny houses are what really allow you to live! 🍪 We don’t let square footage determine whether we can bake cookies, do yoga, or have random dance parties. Our house is our home and we love it!
Helloooooo! What a lovely Sunday to be having fun in the sun! But really I’m laying in bed watching Netflix. Which is fine too! If you’re new to our page, welcome! If not, then you’re still awesome too. We hope that you enjoy, or continue to enjoy our authentic and mostly fun adventures!
Five years ago I married this amazing and beautiful human being named Alexis. For some reason she really liked me and decided that I was okay to marry. I will be forever grateful to her for lowering her standards. These five years flew by, and we’ve been through some challenging times. I cannot wait to continue taking on the world together, because as a team we cannot be beat! ❤️
Hello friends. My name is Brian and I am the other half of Living The tiny Dream. I am going to do a little takeover of our page for the week and share with you my thoughts, feelings, and struggles. 🍭 First of all, thank you so much for following us in our adventures and general silliness. We appreciate that you give some of your time to engage with us. 🍭 Secondly, I would like to share some of my thoughts and struggles with you. The reason why you don’t see my post or do much with Instagram is that I don’t think that I have much to add to the world. I’m not a creative person, and I don’t think that my perspective is any better than anyone else. I’m not fishing for compliments here, just telling my truth. 🍭 I was talking to Alexis about my concerns and she helped me identify just how valuable my struggles can be to some people. I am not creative, but that’s because I don’t practice it. 🍭 So here I am, being authentic and real. I would appreciate any feedback as I’m learning all of this. What do you do to practice your creativity?
Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend chillin’ and grillin’ 😎 🔥
Dill and I just wanted to say hello! 🐓
Happy #nationaldogday to my Cooper Pooper. The best adventure buddy, hiking partner, and squirrel enthusiast. 🐾
Cooper and I against the world!
If you have something to be grateful for, even if it’s just one small thing, I encourage you to acknowledge it today. Speak it out loud, roll it over in your mind, act on it in some other way if you feel pulled to do so. If nothing else, take a few seconds and quietly give thanks for the gifts in your life. I’ll even be doing it with you. I can guarantee it will make you feel better, even if for a moment. There is magic in our thoughts ✨
Warning ⚠️ : definite first world problems over here. But I think that there may be other people that struggle with this, too. ▪️ I have a really hard time between balancing paying off our debt, and living. ▪️ I was reminded today, of just how fragile of an existence we live, and how quickly circumstances can change and upend your whole life. What if I got in a car accident tomorrow and died? What if our house burned down in a fire? What if some weird freak accident caused me to permanently lose my vision? ▪️ I feel like for anyone who has suffered a loss or tragedy, money is not on the top of their minds, ever. It’s about having rich experiences, spending time with loved ones, and giving back to others. ▪️ However, I’m am very lucky that none of those terrible things have befallen me or my family. I am well and healthy, in a loving relationship, with a steady job. I’m making progress on life goals and overall I am happy. But... I want more. I want more experiences, more time with people I care about, the chance to cross more things off my bucket list... ▪️ So I’m asking you all, because I’m feeling a bit lost today, how do you do it? How do you balance responsibility and adherence to strict rules in order to reach goals, and well, essentially the YOLO mentality? And I don’t mean YOLO in the dude-bro-Justin-Beaver way. But rather YOLO in the truly living because of an awareness that life is fragile and fleeting way. ▪️ What thoughts do you have? I would really love to hear them.
FamILY ❤️
Summer magic 🌅
Birthdays, mountains, friends and family, oh my! I had a most excellent month of July 🙃
“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” -Winnie the Pooh 🔹 We dropped my parents off at the airport Saturday night, and after a glorious week filled with family time and adventuring, it was hard to go back to normal. 🔹 I had so much fun, and I think they did too! Being able to show off my adopted home state, and all its wonders, is always one of my favorite parts of having visitors. 🔹 Oh! And for those who were wondering, Cooper is great! He got his stitches out last Friday and has been VERY happy to not have to wear the cone of shame anymore. In a couple weeks he’ll be good as new and will be able to come hiking with us...that is... if I ever let this accident prone dog leave the house again...
Have I mentioned how much I love summer? ✨ ✨
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