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Love God. Love People. Seek Beauty Top 100 Senior Photographer by SSG 📷Commercial & Fashion: @museestudios 📍Houston

Frolicking through the fields with @sydneyystanford 💕 #lingwangphotography
Drove to Fulshear, TX for the first time for a shoot with @lalalalalalaurenn ! The golden fields in her backyard were definitely worth the drive! // Swipe to see another adorable photo of Lauren and her cat. Kitty literally did not leave us when we were shooting. So sweet! 💛 #lingwangphotography
Things that motivate me: macarons and desserts! If I have to pack and clean all day, I have to think of a reward to keep me going. 😅 Btw, Bouchee had the best macarons I’ve ever had in Houston, and it’s comparable to Laduree. Check them out if you’re near Uptown Park.
So grateful for all of my long term clients I’ve gotten to photograph over the years. Many of them have been with me since their early teens, and it’s such a privilege to see them blossom and grow into confident women. It really does get better every time, and I couldn’t be more proud of this shoot with @nicoleswiggard . She was one of my early client from my first year of business, and 7 years later, here we are. This is our last hurrah before she goes off to college, but cheers to many more adventures down the road! #lingwangphotography #seniorstyleguide
Closing up shop for the next few days to focus on packing and moving into our new house. We’re pretty excited to be home owners for the first time. This year has been monumental for us, and we’re even more stoked for next year when bébé comes! 😊 Lots of changes happening, but all good! PS. I’m not taking on any more new bookings until July 2019. However, I have two incredible associates that will be taking over for me: @itsjess11 and @laurenmcrae311 ! Will be sharing more of their work in the coming months!
Sneak peek from today! Vintage tones for @nicoleswiggard who wanted a 70s vibe for her shoot, and I. CAN’T. HANDLE!!! 😍😍😍// Hair: @biancalinettehmu Makeup: @jackietzangmua #lingwangphotography
Eyeing all the goodies from today’s shoot with @sabrina.curran // #lingwangphotography
Who knew Houston has such a cute pool! 😍 #postoakhotel #htx #houston #pool
Just hanging with @paris_bailey at the Roxy. // Outfit: @daochloedao HMUA: @jackietzangmua 💕 #lingwangphotography
Spent the afternoon photographing a literal angel! Sneak peek for Miss Mary Catherine from LSA! 💕HMUA: @biancalinettehmu #lingwangphotography
Feeling the nostalgia already // @mackey_chuoke in Galveston #lingwangphotography
Froze our tushies off today, but we had fun anyways. 😊 Quick back of the camera sneak peek for Miss Ashton @ashhtton from College Park HS! #iphoneedit #lingwangphotography
Popping out like a flower cause the sun is back! That means I get to shoot again today. 🤗 // @anna.holcomb living everyone’s fall dreams 💕 #lingwangphotography
Spent most of the day crunching numbers and budgeting, aka adulting (not my fav 😖). Anyways, there will be some exciting news coming at the end of this week. Also, you can look forward to some new blog posts coming next week with shoots we’ve been working on this past season. #lingwangphotography #modernteenstyle
Happy as a clam cause tomorrow’s forecast predicts some sunshine! Lord knows we’ve needed it! // @sydhendershot looking gorgeous as always. #lingwangphotography #seniorstyleguide
Loved shooting with @paris_bailey in NYC last month. Definitely looking forward to doing more destination photoshoots next year! #lingwangphotography
The crowd that @sydhendershot attracted while we were shooting in Time Square was INSANE! About 30-40 people had their camera phones out either taking pictures or filming her. They all thought she was a celebrity. 😁 Now that’s what I call a NYC experience! We also did some additional photos with @haileyhendershot because how could I resist those sibling shots! // Now booking 2020 Seniors - including destination shoots! Book in advance to secure the best dates! 💕 #lingwangphotography #seniorstyleguide
Dreamy fall nature shoot with @anna.holcomb ! Can’t wait to show her the rest of the images today. #lingwangphotography
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