it's lindsay bitch

happy #internationalcatday to the love of my life 💕
rep tour 2018 vs speak now tour 2011. which one do i look better in????? ✨✨ @taylorswift @taylornation #reptourfoxborough
so last night @queenashleylongo and i get to our seats and they straight up didn’t exist. we asked security and they directed us over to someone who upgrADED OUR SEATS TO THE 6TH ROW. i am eternally grateful @gillettestadium , thank you for this incredibly magical night. i will never forget it. @taylorswift @taylornation #reptourfoxborough // ALSO if you watch til the very end of the last video you can see taylor blowing a kiss to @kschneids15
the old taylor has risen from the dead #reptourfoxborough @taylornation @taylorswift
fun in the sun! 🌞🍃🌸
about 20 mins before @trixiemattel rolled her eyes at us
2 girls 1 island
life, liberty and me! 🗽🎇 @ageofaquaria
hace frío pero estamos calientes ❄️🔥
met this cutie yesterday 😍
mi piel brilla casi tanto como mi personalidad ✨
lit concert, but even more lit clubbing with bruno afterwards #24kmagicworldtour
two street performers celebrating the best day of the year, my birthday! #21 🍾✨
si un grupo de americanas estudia en un país extranjero y no saca fotos, ¿estaban allí?
hi MTV, welcome to my crib 👸🏼
random light effects was definitely selected
happy 21st to my og ride or die @evanpouch !! scroll for a story told through images that describes the past 11 years of our friendship. luv yaa babe ✨🥂
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